Disney darling Ashley Tisdale is enjoying her role on the new hit collection Carol’s second Act. Achieving reputation after starring in The Suite Life that Zac & Cody and High college Musical, Tisdale has become accustomed come all the is required when illustrating a character.

When it pertains to on-screen romance, Tisdale revealed the this lip-locking suffer was not among her favorite memories in prior of the camera.

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Ashely Tisdale that “Carol’s second Act” | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Separating indigenous Sharpay

Playing the function of self-centered Sharpay Evans in the High school Musical trilogy, Tisdale continues to be grateful because that the chance to portray such a memorable character yet sees the she has definitely evolved because those Disney days.

“I think she was perfect for the moment in my life and that’s why ns was even able to play her,” Tisdale called Hollywood Life in August. “I think i have grown so much as a person, that even if lock asked me to play she tomorrow, I would certainly never be able to do it, since I was so unaware that myself at the time.”

While she wouldn’t want to ‘reboot’ her High college Musical character, she wishes to tackle functions that are equally challenging. “The best part about Sharpay was that she was unaware of everybody about her, and she to be only mindful of it s her in the moment,” Tisdale revealed. “I feel like I wouldn’t even have the ability to go there, but I’ve to be honestly searching for a function that’s been simply as exciting, since the best component was that she had actually so lot to create.”

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Would rather skip the smooch

Though some would certainly think her on-screen kiss with Efron was during their HSM days, the smooch actually occurred when the actor appeared on Tisdale’s Disney series. The actress didn’t hold back on why she wasn’t loving the lip lock.

“I’ll tell friend why it to be the worst, okay? I had to kiss Zac Efron on The Suite Life the Zack and also Cody, and also it’s the worst due to the fact that I to be so close come him and he’s like my brother,” she mutual in Elle magazine’s “Thirst Trap” segment, follow to entertain Tonight.

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Their sibling-like relationship wasn’t the only reason Tisdale would’ve preferred to pass on the pucker. Apparently, Efron was a bit un-Disney in his approach. “At the time, the was used to exhilaration on, like, Warner Brothers, i beg your pardon is CW, and also we to be on Disney Channel,” Tisdale explained. “And for this reason he, like, the tried kissing me v his tongue, and also I was like, ‘Get far from me!’ i closed my mouth for this reason fast. Ns was like, ‘This is Disney Channel, us don’t kiss like that ~ above Disney Channel!"”

The Carol’s second Act star walk on to explain that your familiarity through each various other was too huge an problem to overlook when it pertained to on-screen love scenes. “It’s just weird once you’re therefore close to somebody, and also we’d currently done the movie <High college Musical>. I’d known him for years before,” Tisdale said. “That is why it to be the worst. It’s simply we’re as well close.”

Ditched ’em in ~ Disney

The actress quiet treasures the time she had as a Disney star and also recently common some the the perks the came in addition to the job. One included getting the royal treatment in ~ Disneyland. “You know, when you work for Disney, you obtain obviously, like, a VIP person to carry you come the prior of the lines and you just feel therefore cool,” Tisdale claimed on The so late Late present with James Corden in September.