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"You may Be Right" is a single written and performed by rock singer Billy Joel from his 1980 album Glass Houses. The song got to #7 on the united state charts and also #6 in Canada. It failed come chart, however, in the UK uneven his preceding and also succeeding singles "All for Leyna" (UK #40) and also "It"s still Rock and Roll come Me" (UK #14). The Japanese solitary features "Close come the Borderline" together a B-side. "You might Be Right" can likewise be uncovered on disc 2 that Billy Joel"s greatest Hits - quantities I and II and Live at Shea Stadium: The Concert albums. The song starts with the sound of damaged glass.more »

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Friday night ns crashed your partySaturday I said I"m sorrySunday came and trashed me the end againI to be only having actually funWasn"t hurting anyoneAnd we all delighted in the weekend for a changeI"ve been stranded in the combat zoneI walked through Bedford Stuy aloneEven rode my motorcycle in the rainAnd friend told me no to driveBut i made it residence aliveSo you stated that just proves the I"m insaneYou may be rightI may be crazyOh, yet it simply may be a maniac you"re feather forTurn the end the lightDon"t shot to save meYou may be wrong for all ns knowBut you may be rightWell, remember how I uncovered you thereAlone in your electrical chairI told friend dirty jokes until you smiledYou were lonely because that a manI stated take me together I am"Cause you might enjoy some madness for a whileNow think of all the year you do the efforts toFind someone to accomplish youI could be as crazy together you sayIf I"m crazy, then it"s trueThat it"s all since of youAnd you wouldn"t want me any type of other wayYou might be rightI might be crazyOh, but it simply may it is in a insane you"re looking forIt"s too late to fightIt"s also late to changeYou might be wrong because that all ns knowBut you may be rightYou may be rightI might be crazyHey, but it just may it is in a lunatic you"re spring forTurn out the lightOh, don"t try to conserve meYou might be wrong for all i knowYou might be rightYou might be wrong yet you may be rightYou may be wrong however you might be rightYou might be wrong yet you may be rightYou may be wrong however you may be rightYou might be wrong however you might be rightYou may be wrong but you may be rightYou might be wrong but you may be rightYou may be wrong however you may be rightYou might be wrong but you might be right

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Billy Joel william Martin "Billy" Joel (born may 9, 1949) is one American pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer. Due to the fact that releasing his very first hit song, "Piano Man," in 1973, Joel has come to be the sixth best-selling record artist and also the 3rd best-selling solo artist in the unified States, according to the RIAA. He also has the third best-selling album in the United states with his best Hits Vol.

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