Ed Collins that West Newton, Pa., writes come ask exactly how the valuation "ped" have the right to have three really different meanings: "foot" (as in "pedal"), "child" (as in

"pediatrician") and "teacher" (as in "pedagogue").

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Ed, fulfill "ped," one of the many versatile syllables in English. "Ped" actually has five distinct meanings, each obtained from a various Latin, Greek or Egyptian root.

Like a podiatrist examining a patient"s toes, I"ll take each meaning one in ~ a time. This little piggy walk . . .

1. The "ped" in "pedal" derives native the Latin indigenous "pes, pedis" (foot). It"s plainly afoot in words such together "pedestrian," "pedestal" and also "podiatrist," but also tiptoes into several other foot-related words, including "podium" (a basic on i m sorry the feet stand), "impeach" (from the Latin "pedica," definition "a fetter that ensnares the feet") and even "pedigree" (because the diminish branches that a genealogical chart reminded who of a crane"s foot, "pié de grue" in French).

"Ped" even pioneered words "pioneer." The so late Latin "pedo" intended "one that has large feet." So when the French astutely listed that foot soldiers have wide feet — all that marching! — they adopted "pedo" as "peonier," which later involved mean a person who ventures, frequently on foot, right into a brand-new area.

2. "Pediatrician" and other "ped" words connected to kids are acquired from the Greek word because that "boy" ("paido"). This root additionally gives us "pedogogue" (literally, "a leader the boys" in Greek), yet "pedagogue" and also its twin, "pedant," have because come come mean, respectively, "someone who instructs in a dogmatic manner" and also "someone who renders a display of learning."

3. Speaking of making a show of learning, did you know that "pedology"

is the examine of soil? no did I. "Pedology" derives native the Greek "pedon" (earth).

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(Call this a "foot"note, yet was the Greek "pedon" influenced by "pes, pedis" due to the fact that soil is underfoot? Alas, together speculation has no sure linguistic footing.)

4. "Pediment," the triangle gable ~ above classical buildings such as the Parthenon, derives no from Greek or Latin however from the Egyptian indigenous for one more triangular structure: "pyramid."

5. Ever before wonder what "pediculosis" means? believe me, girlfriend don"t want to know. I"ll give you a hint: "Pedis" is the Latin word because that "louse" so "pediculosis" is an infestation that . . . It"s sufficient to make you squeal "wee, wee, wee" all the method home.

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