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The English prefixes bi-, derived from Latin, and also its Greek variant di- both average “two.” The Latin prefix is far an ext prevalent in usual words, such together bilingual, biceps, and also biped; the an ext technical Greek di- shows up in together words together diphthong and dilemma. You have the right to remember bi- quickly by thinking of bicycle, which has “two” wheels, and also di- by remembering that the “dioxide” that carbon dioxide method that there are “two” oxygen atom in the molecule CO2.

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Ingredient Memlet: bifurcate

-atemake something have actually a particular quality

To bifurcate is come “fork twice,” that is, form “two” separate paths.

Ingredient Memlet: dilemma

lemmasuggestion, recommendation

A dilemma is so challenging because there are “two” equally precious “suggestions” on the table!

Double through Bi- and Di-!

The English prefixes bi-, obtained from Latin, and its Greek counterpart di- both mean “two.” these “two” prefixes are supplied commonly, particularly bi-.

Let’s start with the commonly used English prefix bi-, which method “two.” A bicycle has actually “two” wheels. A biped, choose homo sapiens, to walk on only “two” feet, perfect for a bicycle! A biped additionally has a major muscle known as a biceps, which has “two” top that connect to bones in the upper arm. A biped additionally has binocular vision, which average that she offers “two” eye to see. And does a biped who is bilingual have actually “two” tongues? No … that just method that he speak “two” languages fluently.

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Calendars have many events that use the prefix bi-, which method “two.” for instance, the bicentennial that an college or country is a celebration commemorating “two”-hundred years of existence. Two words that room easily puzzled are biannual and biennial. A biannual occasion happens “two” time every year, conversely, a biennial solemn event happens when every “two” years. You can remember the difference due to the fact that alphabetically the “a” that biannual comes prior to the “e” of biennial, and likewise happens very first in time.

Now let’s walk on to the Greek variant of bi-, or di-, i beg your pardon also means “two.” Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is a gas whose molecule has actually “two” oxygen atoms. If you room in a dilemma, you room unable come choose in between “two” options, regularly both unappealing! A diphthong is a pair the or “two” vowels in a row in a native in the very same syllable, such as “cloud” and also “foil.” and a dipterous insect? the simply has “two” wings!

Today you acquired “two” for your money with both bi- and di-. Currently you no much longer need to be “twice” shy with words such as bipartite and diphyllous, for you recognize that each has something “to” perform with “two!”

bicycle: car with ‘two’ wheels biped: animal that go on ‘two’ feet biceps: muscle v ‘two’ heads that attach to bone binocular: using ‘two’ eye to see bilingual: of understanding ‘two’ languages fluently bicentennial: that a ‘two’ hundred year anniversary biannual: of keep going ‘two’ times each year biennial: the happening once every ‘two’ years dioxide: having ‘two’ oxygen atoms dilemma: a situation with ‘two’ equal choices diphthong: ‘two’ vowels as one syllable dipterous: that ‘two’ wings bipartite: having ‘two’ parts diphyllous: having actually ‘two’ leaves