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Prefixes are vital morphemes in English vocabulary. The prefix in, which means “in, on, or not,” shows up in many English vocabulary words, because that example: inject, influx, and insane. Prefixes carry out tend come have various meanings, which can be divined by context, typical sense, and also the procedure of elimination.

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eused because that spelling and pronunciation

An innate high quality is “inborn.”


ex-out of, from, off
orspeak, plead, pray
-ablehandy, capable of

An inexorable occasion is “not may be to it is in pleaded or spoken away,” the is, the will take place no matter what anyone “prays.”

Prefixes and the Prefix “In”

Prefixes are crucial parts the English words. For instance, take words prefix itself. Pre, which means “before,” is the prefix in the word prefix. Fix, which means “fastened,” is the “stem,” or primary part of the word. Thus, a prefix etymologically is that group of letters which is “fastened before” the stem the a word; the is, prefixes begin a word.

Today us will focus on the prefix in, which can mean “in, on, or not.”

Two highly used definitions of in room “in” or “on.” Let’s look in ~ a few examples. In, for instance, deserve to mean “in,” such together in the words inject, to throw “in,” and influx, to circulation “in.” In can additionally mean “on,” offered in together words together inscribe, to compose “on,” and invoke, to contact “on.” Hence, the an initial primary interpretations of in space “in” or “on.”

The English prefix in deserve to also, however, typical “not.” This is a trickier part of this prefix, yet once you gain the cave of it, it’s highly beneficial in decoding English vocabulary. Some examples of in an interpretation “not” include insane, or “not” sane, independent, or “not” dependent, and also invalid, or “not” valid.

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By using common sense, context, or the procedure of elimination, girlfriend will find it much easier to determine whether in method “in, on” or “not.” for example, inject, throw “in,” would certainly make no sense as “not throw.” Conversely, words insane makes little sense as “on” sane or sane “in;” rather “not” sane is the most obvious contextual choice.

In our following rootcast we’ll discuss the prefix in again, paying fist to its spelling transforms as the attaches to various different stems. Just remember for currently that in can mean “in, on, into or not,” and you’ll have this prefix master “in” no time in ~ all!

inject: throw ‘in’ influx: flow ‘in’ inscribe: write ‘on’ invoke: contact ‘on’ insane: ‘not’ sane independent: ‘not’ hanging native something invalid: ‘not’ valid