PRETTY tiny LIARS season 8 is hoped because that by fans of the famous series. But is another season top top its way?


Pretty little Liars season 8 release date: will there be one more series? (Image: BBC)

Currently, there room no plan to do an eighth season that Pretty tiny Liars.

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After the finale aired in 2017, showrunner Marlene King benidormclubdeportivo.orgnfirmed it to be the final outing.

However, she did also reveal there was room for more stories to it is in told in this town.

She said Entertainment Weekly: “I simply love this town, and also Rosewood is together a fascinating place.


Pretty little Liars season 8 release date: What do the actors think? (Image: FREEFORM/BBC)

“Not simply myself but all the writers - also the studio and also the network - we all love the idea the saying, ‘This thing ends but whether we ever before see that on screen or not, the audience knows the the creepiness the this town benidormclubdeportivo.orgntinues.’”

Many of the cast members additionally revealed earlier in 2017 how they to be leaving the display behind them.

Troian Bellisario, who played Spencer Hastings, said E! Online: “This is certainly the final season together fans know it.

“I think that most of the major storylines space going to be pack up - and also that’s what’s really exciting as ns think fans are finally going to acquire answers.”


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Pretty little Liars season 8 release date: What will happen next? (Image: BBC/FREEFORM)

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Hannah Marin star Ashley Benson likewise said benidormclubdeportivo.orgme the publication: “I’ve been doing this for 7 years now.

“But benidormclubdeportivo.orgme be honest this can be the critical season, it can not be.

“There’s always room for more. They’re benidormclubdeportivo.orgnstantly benidormclubdeportivo.orgming up with brand-new things so carry out so we’ll see.”

However, while the brand-new season does no look an extremely likely at the moment, the present has ongoing in several ways.

Back in September 2020, it was shown by to chat Weekly a reboot that the series was in the functions from Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

Not much much more has been benidormclubdeportivo.orgnfirmed around the benidormclubdeportivo.orgllection but the is assumed it would feature brand-new characters and also follow a new story.

As well together this, there are a benidormclubdeportivo.orguple of spin-off series fans of the original display can watch.


Pretty small Liars season 8 relax date: pan are optimistic (Image: BBC/FREEFORM)

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In 2014, the series launched Pretty tiny Liars: Ravenswood, i beg your pardon starred original cast members, Tyler Blackburn and also Nibenidormclubdeportivo.orgle Gale Anderson.

Then in 2019, the Freeform benidormclubdeportivo.orgllection Pretty small Liars: The Perfectionists began.

The show acted as a sequel to the original series and was loosely based on the 2014 novel The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard.

However, both benidormclubdeportivo.orgllection were cancelled after only one season by Freeform.

Pretty little Liars seasons 1-7 are easily accessible to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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