The clearest difference between a king and a California king mattress is a difference of 4 inches. A king mattress is 4 inches wider, however a Cal king is 4 inch longer. That’s a tiny enough difference that some civilization have trouble deciding in between a king or Cal king mattress as soon as they’re shopping for their master bedroom.

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A king size mattress, or an eastern king, is 76 inches vast by 80 inches long. It’s the widest standard dimension mattress available, offering couples and even solo sleepers room to sprawl.

King mattresses market you lot of of sleeping space, but we cannot recommend castle for any type of bedroom smaller than 12 feet by 12 feet.

California King


A California king dimension mattress, likewise known as a west king, measures 72 inches large by 84 customs long.

Some think a California king is a more luxurious version of a conventional king, however that’s not true. A California king has a slightly smaller sized surface area than a king mattress. It has 6048 square inches, when a conventional king has 6080 square inches.

Though a Cal king mattress is narrower 보다 a king, it offers much more legroom because that tall people. If you’re an ext than 6 feet tall, girlfriend may discover a California king an ext comfortable.

Which should I Buy?

King and Cal majesties are so comparable that deciding between them deserve to be difficult. Your prices room comparable. Both re-publishing the border of being heavy and also awkward come move.

When she debating i m sorry is the ideal mattress because that you, think about the size of her bedroom, your an individual space needs, your height, and the bedding accessories you’ll require.

Room Size

Both a king and standard king mattress need to be in a bedroom that’s at the very least 12 feet by 12 feet. Us recommend leaving around 2 come 3 feet of walking an are around the sides and foot that the bed.

Once girlfriend account because that walkway room and bedroom furniture, you deserve to determine if either a king or Cal king fits better in your space.

Personal room Needs

If you’re sharing a bed v your partner, you may need some an are apart to sleep well. Maybe among you often tends to toss and also turn and also might nudge the various other awake if there’s no enough room in in between you two. A king mattress is 4 inches wider, offering much more personal space than a Cal king can.

Your Height

As we mentioned earlier, a California king features an extra 4 inch of length. A small difference yet enough to keep your feet from dangling over the leaf if she taller than 6 feet.


Bedding accessories for a California king mattress—bed frame, crate springs, sheets, and blankets—are more daunting to find than a standard king’s. Bedding for a Cal king can additionally cost an ext than similar bedding because that a conventional king mattress.

Other size Options

If you’re looking for a bed fit because that a understand bedroom, friend have much more to select from than a king or California king mattress. Girlfriend can additionally consider a queen mattress, a break-up king, or an overlapping king mattress.

Queen Mattresses

Queen size mattresses are the most frequently bought bed dimension for a few reasons. Queen mattresses cost less than a king or Cal king, and also a queen bed fits in smaller understand bedrooms. Solitary sleepers may find a king mattress feels also big, if a queen mattress may offer sprawling an are without feeling too large.

However, both a king and also Cal king mattress offer more personal an are for couples than a queen mattress. Girlfriend have about 6 an ext inches ~ above a Cal king and also 8 more inches ~ above a continual king mattress.

If you want to find out more, see our short article comparing a queen come a king mattress.

Split King Mattresses

Do you like to sleep ~ above a certain bed when your companion prefers a soft mattress or vice versa? If you don’t desire to compromise on your sleep needs with a medium feel mattress, a break-up king mattress allows you customize her side.

Split king mattresses also work fine on adjustable bed frames. Each fifty percent of the bed can move independently. Girlfriend can adjust your fifty percent one way, and also your companion can collection their half up differently.

Split king mattresses often tend to cost a little more than a conventional king. Additionally, break-up king mattresses need committed bedding—two twin XL fitted sheets and a king covering sheet and comforter.

You can also buy a separation Cal king mattress, although that is harder to find than a separation king. Separation Cal king mattresses also require specialized bedding.

If you interested in discovering more, review our write-up comparing a king come a break-up king.

Other King Sizes

King and also California king mattresses space the largest standard dimension mattresses available. However, there space other, larger sizes that space more an overwhelming to find—your best chance that obtaining one is native an digital seller.

A Texas king mattress, additionally known together a super king or a grand king, steps 80 inches broad by 98 customs longA Wyoming king steps 84 customs by 84 inchesAn Alberta king actions 96 customs by 96 inchesAn Alaskan king steps 108 inch by 108 inches

Frequently asked Questions

Since a California king mattress is 4 inches narrower 보다 a conventional king, its sheets will not fit effectively on a king dimension mattress. As soon as you’ve picked out the right size of sheets, nothing forget to wash them about once a main to eliminate allergens and also promote a healthy rest.

No. A king is the exact same size as 2 twin XL mattresses, i m sorry are 5 inches longer than a conventional twin mattress.

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