Drug screen false optimistic is reported just by a few people who take Benzonatate.

The step IV clinical research analyzes which civilization take Benzonatate and also have Drug display screen false positive. The is created by based upon reports of 11,088 civilization who have actually side effects while acquisition Benzonatate native the FDA, and also is updated regularly.

With medical huge data and also AI algorithms, allows everyone to run phase IV clinical trial to detect adverse medicine outcomes and monitor effectiveness. Our initial studies have been referenced ~ above 600+ peer-reviewed clinical publications consisting of The Lancet, mei Clinic Proceedings, and Nature. Most recently, phase IV clinial trails for COVID 19 vaccines have actually been added.

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11,088 human being reported to have side impacts when taking Benzonatate. Among them, 3 people (0.03%) have Drug display screen false positive.

What is Benzonatate?

Benzonatate has energetic ingredients of benzonatate. The is regularly used in cough. is examining from 11,578 Benzonatate users for its effectiveness, alternate drugs and more.

What is Drug screen false positive?

Drug display screen false hopeful is found to be associated with 670 drugs and also 365 conditions by


Gender of people who have actually Drug display false positive once taking Benzonatate *:

female: 33.33 % male: 66.67 %

Age of people who have Drug screen false positive as soon as taking Benzonatate *:

0-1: 0.0 % 2-9: 0.0 % 10-19: 0.0 % 20-29: 0.0 % 30-39: 100 % 40-49: 0.0 % 50-59: 0.0 % 60+: 0.0 %

common drugs human being take as well as Benzonatate *:

Zyrtec: 2 people, 66.67% Zithromax: 2 people, 66.67% Bactroban: 2 people, 66.67% Cayston: 2 people, 66.67% Creon: 2 people, 66.67% Flonase: 2 people, 66.67% Golytely: 2 people, 66.67% Humalog: 2 people, 66.67% Mucinex: 2 people, 66.67% Orkambi: 2 people, 66.67%

typical conditions human being have *:

Cystic Fibrosis (disease that the secretary glands): 2 people, 66.67%

do you take Benzonatate and also have Drug display false positive?

examine whether Drug display false hopeful is connected with a medicine or a condition

just how to usage the study?

You can discuss the examine with your doctor, come ensure that all medicine risks and benefits are totally discussed and also understood.

associated studies

alternative drugs to, pros and cons of Benzonatate:

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COVID vaccines that are regarded Drug screen false positive: how severe was Drug screen false positive and also when to be it recovered: increase to all the medicine that have actually ingredients the benzonatate: common drugs linked with Drug display screen false positive: