Types the Cord that Wood and Their Types

The pickup truckload the cord of timber is the amount of hardwood that have the right to fill a van or the amount the a truck have the right to carry. A cord of timber is the measurement of the volume that timber. A block of wood weighs in different ways in different conditions.

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The weight of wood relies on how eco-friendly or dry it is and on the water content. The load of an mean cord that seasoned lumber is between 2000 and 3000 pounds, and also you can carry it in a 1/ 2 ton or 3 /4-ton pickup truck. Let united state learn an ext about just how the truckload of lumber is measured.


Cord of wood

Firewood dealers offer wood in the type of cords, and also any unit of stack wood has 25 percent of empty space, and it can be an ext in instance of unstable logs. Because firewood is normally not offered in full cords, over there are countless things the you need to consider to uncover its ideal value while buying.

Understand the hatchet of wood

Dimensions and volume the a complete cord

The very first thing is to measure the dimensions and volume of a complete cord of wood. A full-length cord the wood procedures 4 feet tall, 4 feet large and 8 feet long. The total volume is approximately 128 cubic feet. The amount of solid-wood in a cord different according come the dimension of a piece. However, many cords space 85 cubic feet of solid wood, and the remaining volume is air.

If the cord is a traditional unit of measure up for hardwood sellers, many dealers don’t market the long pieces to residence customers. As a result, the need for cord ax comes into play.

Full Cord and also Face cord

A face cord is a conventional unit for measurement. It refers to the stacks that space 4 feet high and 8 feet long. The width or depth of the woodpile is less than 4 feet. It way that every item of hardwood is less than 4 feet.

Thrown cord

A thrown cord is an almost right measurement of volume that is dumped or tossed into a truck. A thrown cord can take 30 percent an ext space in a truck than a stacked cord. Together a thrown cord take away 30 % much more space 보다 stacked, a 6 feet truckload has 30% + that a ‘thrown’ cord, and also an 8 feet truckload has 45% + the a ‘thrown’ cord.

Green cord



A eco-friendly cord is the measure up taken prior to the wood gets separation or dry. The weight and volume that the wood get reduced after drying as the water content dries up. As soon as the unseasoned eco-friendly wood dries up, it can shrink by 6 to 8 percent. Firewood dealers fool the customers by measuring and also pricing their merchandise by eco-friendly cord quite than full or loose cords to make money. Periodically the dealers usage rough measurements like piles, truckloads, and wagon lots to market the wood. Such rough measurements are no regulated and an overwhelming to compare. Therefore, customers might get less amount to wood for the money they pay to the firewood dealers.

Pickup truckload volume of different trucks

The pickup truckload capacity of a truck relies on the size and the area the the behind tray on which the wood is loaded. Much more the area that the UTE tray, more cords one have the right to load right into the truck. The number of cords the you can load additionally depends ~ above the power of the truck and the laws of the state for the loading the vehicles.

Small Pickup

A small pickup through or without racks deserve to hold one half (1/2) cord of wood, and also a short-bed pickup truck can also hold the one-half cord the wood through or without racks. Your typical pickup van holds roughlyone half of a complete cord​​ of seasoned firewood, therefore make certain you are acquiring what you salary for

Long Bed Pickup


truckload that cord of wood


A long bed pickup truck deserve to hold one fifty percent (1/2) cord of lumber without racks. If the owner uses racks ~ above the pickup, it can hold one complete cord of lumber (128 cubic feet) that is double the amount without frames.

Standard Truck

A traditional truck there is no racks have the right to hold half to one cord that wood, yet with stands, it deserve to hold approximately one and also a half cords (1-1/2) of wood.

Now the inquiry arises that how much wood have the right to a truck host or carry. Together trucks vary in size, dimensions, and also load bearing capacity, the answer depends on every these factors. Usually, a pickup truck having actually a bed or 8 foot can hold about one-half cord that wood, when a truck v 6-foot bed can hold just one-third the a cord that firewood.

Split or staked wood

It is quite easy to fill the round of wood right into a pickup truck, however loading the timber in the split type allows you come carry an ext in a single trip. You have the right to load much more wood in your car if you ridge the separation wood in bed than throwing that randomly in the truck. Splitting and also stacking the wood enables you to load much more wood in her vehicle, but it additionally increases the all at once load significantly.

Maximizing a pickup van capacity permits you to conserve money ~ above fuel and likewise your time. You should make under trips than transferring unsplit or unstacked wood on her truck.

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Adding Sideboards

Installing the sideboards on your pickup truck deserve to let you twin the loading capacity, yet you need to take treatment of the safety and security limit. One-half cord the firewood have the right to weight roughly 2000 pounds. If her truck is not expected to hold much more than that, you have to not load past this value. Operation an overloaded van is dangerous and also put you in unnecessary trouble together per the car laws.