Superman is Immune come Kryptonite once He's Kryptonite has been Superman’s Achilles heel for generations – however the guy of stole could become immune to it all through one an easy act!

Superman Exposed to green Kryptonite
since it was very first introduced in his radio show, Kryptonite has actually been the bane the Superman’s existence. Together if a solitary rock capable of death Superman with its radiation wasn’t negative enough, authors went on to create multiple ranges of Kryptonite that could influence him in a variety of weird ways. These encompass Red Kryptonite (temporary but unpredictable effects), gold Kryptonite (robs the of his powers), and even Blue Kryptonite (affects Bizarro duplicates).

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Surprisingly, however, Superman once accidentally discovered a fairly simple means to render self immune to all develops of Kryptonite. While this an approach probably would have led come some extr problems, it’s noteworthy for being one of the most unusual ways Kal-El has dealt with his Kryptonite issues, back the method he uncovered it was rather complicated.

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The discovery took ar in Action Comics #591 at a time as soon as all the Superman comic publications had been rebooted come make way for a modern-day era Superman who had actually several noticeable differences from his Silver age counterpart. For one thing, this Superman had actually some scaled-down powers. Back he was still among DC’s most powerful beings, he could no much longer do things prefer push planets the end of orbit or destroy whole solar mechanism with a sneeze. This allowed writers to give Superman more interesting physics challenges and also show Clark Kent dealing with mundane concerns like shaving. Kryptonite usage was additionally kept to a minimum, v Superman only encountering environment-friendly Kryptonite (although later on variations would be presented over the years).

Superman and pink Kryptonite in Supergirl v4-79
one more departure from early Superman stories was the remove of Superboy. Throughout the silver- Age, most fans knew that Clark Kent had embraced the costumed identification of Superboy when he to be a child, only ending up being Superman in his university years. In enhancement to fighting crime in Smallville, Superboy likewise frequently saw the 31st century come fight alongside various other teenage heroes together a member the the Legion of Superheroes. The Legion actually credited Superboy with inspiring their team thanks to his early exploits together the young of Steel. In the new continuity, however, Clark preserved his powers a secret throughout his childhood and teenage years - only revealing self to the civilization as Superman once he got to his twenties.

Unfortunately, by eliminating Superboy and re-establishing that Clark Kent had come to be a superhero when he was an adult, DC inadvertently plunder the Legion of Superheroes the their main inspiration, which became problematic when DC wanted to reintroduce the Legion in their modern era comic books too. Come combat this problem, DC created a bizarre and also somewhat convoluted scenario.

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In this new universe, a being recognized as the moment Trapper developed a pocket dimension that resembled the Silver age era that Superboy resided in. He then arranged for an alternate version the Superboy, along with other silver Age personalities including Ma and also Pa Kent, Krypto the Superdog, Pete Ross, and also other familiar faces, to populate the world. The Legion would hence travel come this pocket dimension when they went ago in time, developing that their Silver age adventures tho “happened,” albeit under very different circumstances.

Things obtained weird once the “real” modern-day era Superman travel to this pocket dimension and ended up obtaining into a fight with his younger counterpart. Even an ext disturbing, since this Superboy was designed to have actually the capability of a Silver period Superboy, he to be considerably stronger and also much faster than the existing Superman. Superman additionally had to complete with Krypto the at sight Dog, who was distressed the this Superman “imposter” to be fighting with his master.

Wanting to aid Superboy, Krypto descended into the Kent house’s basement and accessed some Kryptonite samples that Superboy was doing some experiments on. Krypto hoped the by unlocking a cannister of power-stealing yellow Kryptonite, that could administer the Kents with a method of taking under the “fake” Superman. Unfortunately, to access the Kryptonite, Krypto had to expose himself come the radiation and also lost every one of his strength (including his at sight intelligence) as soon as he was exposed to gold Kryptonite.

Now an ordinary dog, Krypto’s barking regulated to alarm the Kents and also Pa Kent gathered every range of Kryptonite he can find, placed it in a steel cannister, and also then went external to shot to take down Superman – just to uncover that none the the meteorites had actually any impact on Superman. Why? Apparently, because Superman no a indigenous of this pocket dimension, the Kryptonite that this human being produced a different form of radiation that couldn’t affect him.

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Fortunately, Superman and also Superboy were able to settle their distinctions – back tragically, Krypto’s sacrifice doomed the to stay an simple dog. Also worse, the Superboy of that pocket measurement later died, mirroring that this civilization wasn’t exactly a an excellent place come live. That being said, the really fact that none of the different varieties of Kryptonite could influence Superman in this measurement revealed that Superman could potentially come to be immune come all forms of Kryptonite by just moving come this measurement - or a similar one where Kryptonite radiation was also out-of-sync through his distinct biology.

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Naturally, this wouldn’t apply to every dimension together Superman has actually been shown to be influenced by Kryptonite in travel to particular alternate worlds. Superman’s biology and also nature has likewise gone through many changes due to the fact that this time, more affecting his connection to Kryptonite. Nevertheless, it is precious considering that since the physics of various realities may not have actually the same affect on Superman together they perform in his indigenous universe, that there are multiple parallel universes the end there whereby Kryptonite has no impact on him.

While the unlikely the Superman would ever before use this solution as a irreversible fix because that his Kryptonite problem, the truth remains that someone like Superman will certainly inevitably get the opportunity to take trip to alternating dimensions – and also some of these dimensions will certainly be can not to affect Superman through their Kryptonite simply since his human body isn’t responsive come the distinct radiation signatures. Strangely, this actually way that the “weaker” Superman can be much more powerful 보다 his silver Age counterpart simply due to the fact that he’s immune come his predecessor’s best weakness!