Splat hair dye is an excellent and won’t damage your hair as lengthy as you use it to healthy and balanced hair.

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If her hair is damaged or brittle before applying Splat hair dye, it’ll look also worse ~ coloring.


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Let’s begin with miscellaneous basic: if Splat hair dye damaged your hair, no government firm would permit its sale.

All health-related commodities (hair is within that category) have to follow strictly guidelines from the authorized organ in every country.

Hair dyes room no exception.

For example, the europe Union’s Cosmetics Directive notifies that hair dyes won’t damages hair if the manufacturer’s guidelines room followed. The target is to minimize the adverse results of extreme use.

However, that course, no government agency nor the hair dye carriers are in the users’ households. The is, they don’t recognize the history of every hair.

What perform I median by this?

Splat doesn’t know how you have your hair, exactly how you treatment for it, your base color, etc.

They nothing know, and that’s not their goal either. They want to offer hair water in wonderful fantasy colors.

The duty for using Splat hair dye and also what wake up to her hair afterwards is constantly yours.

That’s why Splat coloring kit warn that the manufacturer’s instructions need to be strictly adhered to to stop unexpected problems.

And the warning is no little thing. Do you desire to recognize why? I’ll offer you one example.

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Application of Splat hair dye: two situations with various results about hair health

Application the Splat hair dye: two instances with different results regarding hair health


When you apply Splat hair dye, you shouldn’t just pay fist to the shade results. The health of her hair is same important.

Let me tell friend a story to aid you understand.

A few years ago, I wanted to dye my hair fuchsia. After ~ bleaching mine hair numerous times, I gained to the base color I needed.


I applied Splat hair dye and left that on for 30 minutes, as instructed by the manufacturer. Once I rinsed my hair, the color was bright and intense.

However, a couple of days later, a customer came into my salon through her hair totally damaged. She had applied Splat hair dye the the same color. Her hair also had a light base color.

Why was her hair burned, when mine didn’t show any kind of signs that damage? It’s simple.

She no follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When I used the Splat dye, i left the on because that twenty minutes, together recommended by the manufacturer.


Believe that or not, also if we, stylist, recognize a lot around colorimetry and hair health, we follow the instructions from hair product manufacturers.On the various other hand, my customer had left the Splat hair dye on for fourty minutes, which is twice the moment recommended by the manufacturer! Nothing good could come out of it.

She didn’t carry out the strand test.

As a stylist, i can clearly tell when my hair is damaged. Ns don’t have to do a strand check to see if mine hair will withstand the applications of a dye.

However, my client can’t view the difference in between split ends and also dead ends, or a healthy and balanced one. She thought the frizz in her hair was a consequence of the humidity, not a symptom of dehydration.

She didn’t think about that her hair had become weaker and much more brittle after ~ bleaching.


Of course, she applied Splat hair dye, yet her hair fiber couldn’t stand up to the product’s chemical reaction. Although it’s vegan, it contains some elements that can damage your hair if it’s not healthy. That’s what I’ll speak to you about in a couple of moments.

Was Splat hair shade really come blame for the damage to she hair?

Definitely not. She hair was previously damaged. So, the damages just got worse.

What can take place is the Splat hair dye can dry out your hair. However, it’ll be minor damages that deserve to be quickly repaired v a natural oil mask, choose coconut oil, for example.


What Splat hair dye ingredient can damage your hair if it’s not healthy?


Although Splat hair dye is vegan, it has ingredients such as parabens or dioxide native some steels that can dry the end your hair.

Parabens are included to hair beauty assets to make them critical longer. Also, they space preservatives that stop the generation of any kind of microorganisms or bacteria that could ruin the product.

Although lock aren’t toxic to your hair, they can dry out your hair fiber.

In addition, Splat hair dye includes different metals’ dioxide the is included to the product come obtain more fixation or shade duration.

While ammonia is used in irreversible dyes, semi-permanent dyes usage very little portions the titanium dioxide or mercury to extend the dye’s effect and make the heavier.


Those small metal portions deserve to dry out your hair due to the fact that they sit on height of the hair fiber, coloring and structuring it.

Splat includes essential oils the moisturize her hair but which aren’t an extremely intense. Why?

Because Splat semi-permanent dye works by developing a film on the hair fiber by completely covering it. So, the moisturizing components can’t fully penetrate the hair fiber.

Can girlfriend imagine what would occur to your dry hair if you applied Splat hair dye now that you recognize it has those ingredients?

Your hair fiber will accept the pigments, but it’ll end up much much more damaged. Possibilities are the to obtain it back, you’ll need to invest a many time and money in an excellent quality moisturizing treatments.


So, what can you do?

To avoid those problems, and also I’ll tell you how.

To make sure that Splat hair dye doesn’t damage your hair, you have to do the strand test


The strand check is very important for two reasons:
very first and foremost, to make sure that Splat hair shade won’t damages your hair. And second, you’ll have the ability to see how the shade you’ve preferred looks on your hair.

In the best-case scenario, the shade is just what you want. If your hair passes the strand test, you have the right to proceed to dye all her hair.

In the worst case, if you don’t prefer the color, you have to buy an additional color.

What execute you need?
Splat hair dye Gloves Comb


put on her gloves, comb her hair, and also pick it up in a ponytail. Relax a strand native the earlier and apply Splat hair dye over the strand throughout the time indicated by the manufacturer. Rinse her hair and dry it.

Take a look at her strand.
Is the rough? carry out you notification a various texture than before you applied the dye?

If you notification that her strand has adjusted in any way, one of two people in shade or texture, you should not use Splat hair dye.

If it’s rough, damaged, or really frizzy, moisturize it through coconut or almond oil at least twice a week because that fifteen days prior to the colour session.

After that, when again, check the hair.

If her hair look at healthy and also shiny, use your Splat hair dye without fear because it won’t damage your hair.



You need to do the strand check before using Splat hair dye due to the fact that it’s the only way to understand if her hair will stand up to the colour process.

Don’t forget the it’s usually vital to do several bleaching sessions to use Splat dye. That’ll dry your hair.

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Be cautious, and nothing bad will take place to her hair once you usage Splat hair dye.

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