Odin because that long has actually been depicted with indigenous or photos as an old guy in a dark cloak, specifically without one eye. However why? and also “which eye did Odin lose”? This post will assist you to number it out. 


One-eyed Odin

We all understand that Odin is one-eyed. Yet anyone has ever before wondered the “which eye did Odin lose?” and “how did he lose it?” to be he born without it? walk he lose it in a bet? Or walk he shed it in battle? that seems prefer the most likely explanation, doesn’t it? after ~ all, he is the All-Father that a warrior people. 

Which eye did Odin lose?

Actually, there are no definitive answers to the concern “which eye walk Odin lose?” because ain’t no mythology which have the right to confirm you and also the depictions will be varied by the artist. The only thing can be sure is Odin has actually lost one eye and also there’s a story behind it 

The Odin’s depictions

Scroll under below, there space a variety of Odin’s pictures, and some of castle depict Odin missing left eye, others display that his best eye is covered by one eye-patch and also even a couple of of them just present the various colors in between two eyes. However, the majority of depictions indicate that he lost his best eye.

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Odin lacking his left eye

Odin missing his right eye

How walk Odin shed his eye? 

I’ve uncovered some exciting pictures which portrayed perfectly the story behind the question “Which eye did Odin lose?”.


Odin asked for a drink the the mystical well of Urd


Odin sacrificed one eye for a drink 


It is believed that Odin is will certainly to pay any price because that the acquisition of wisdom and that strongly linked to the factor why he left his eye. And the story begins…

In vikings mythology, Odin was no an omniscient God. In fact, he was renowned for his thirst for knowledge and his nonstop pursuit of wisdom. Odin travel the Nine people seeking because that knowledge. One day, he knew that the water in the well of Urd at the base of the people - Tree contained the wisdom he was desired. Therefore, he saw the well and asked Mimir for drinking the wonder water. Mimir to be the guardian the the well. The knew exactly the priceless value of the water in the well and also because that that, that couldn’t make it easy yet required Odin come sacrifice among his two eyes. Due to the fact that of his thirst for knowledge, Odin did no hesitate however gouged the end his very own eye, reduce it right into the well. Odin sacrificed one eye yet gained a much more sacred, divine level that wisdom in return. 

This is one variation of the story:

 Mimir heard Odin"s approach, "Who viewpoints my abode!"

"It is I, Odin, cook of the Gods! I have actually come partake of her well of wisdom and also knowledge", Odin said, unexpectedly revealing himself and calling out in a booming voice.

Mimir stood over there by the well, an ancient being with flowing white hair. "Odin, who gallows room Yggdrasil, friend must recognize that there is a deep price to it is in asked for a breeze from mine well."

Odin approached the leaf of the well and also stared right into its dark, rippling water. "Name your price and also I will pay it", he stated somberly. 

"The price is one of your eye Allfather. You should pluck out and drop it right into the well so that all that stare right into its waters will see the sacrifice the Odin", Mimir replied. 

Odin take it a deep breath and reached to his face, and also with a grunt plucked the end his appropriate eye. In good pain, that dropped his eye right into the well of Mimir. There to be then a change in the breeze that appeared it to speak Odin"s name and Yggdrasil"s leaves rustled way up high. 

Mimir took his horn Gjallarhorn and dipped the deep into the wonder well and handed it to Odin, the currently "one-eyed" god, and also Odin drank deep finishing it every in one draught. 

The valuable lesson

Although the sacrifice was the typical thing in Viking mythology, the story the one-eyed Odin does teach united state a valuable lesson

If friend desire something, you must sacrifice because that it.

One figurative interpretation of this Odin eye story deserve to be that Odin exchanged component of his exterior vision because that his interior wisdom. To it is in specific, complying with Mimir’s requirement of devoting his eye, Odin go not provide up his outside vision entirely. The accepted explanation is the Odin knew exactly the balance of both outside vision and also internal wisdom. When the exterior vision could assist him to observe things neighboring thoroughly, the interior wisdom analyzed and answered any questions and mysteries. The is to say, the importance of external vision and internal wisdom is undeniable.

Another method to interpret Odin"s eye story is acquiring wisdom forever comes along with the sacrifice. Nowadays, many human being seem to think that if something is difficult then that is not worth trying. However, Odin and also people through Norse"s heart believe the opposite. If something is fine worth, sacrifice is always required. At any time it pertains to knowledge, we all need to be ready to exchange our time, energy, attention, or even money for obtaining it.

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What will you profession for wisdom?

The point of sacrificing a physical human body to acquire a cosmic understanding of truth happens multiple time in norseman mythology.

Odin traveled the Nine people seeking knowledge and also has three key sources, his understanding of the Mystic Runes, wisdom he gained from his personal sacrifice in ~ the human being Tree Yggdrasil and also the can be fried sacrifice of his eye in ~ Mímir"s Well near Jötunheim. How about you? are you willing to sacrifice an eye because that knowledge? 

To be moral to say, we - world do no sacrifice component of our body but we perform sacrifice our time, energy, and money to acquire knowledge. 

I hope this write-up helps you number out your inquiry “Which eye walk Odin lose?”. If you are a Viking person, follow us at https://benidormclubdeportivo.org/blogs/viking and also check the end other exciting Viking stuff!

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