When friend look at the world roughly you, how do you categorise or group what girlfriend see? among the broadest groupings is "living" and also "non-living". This may sound simple, yet it is sometimes difficult to decision whether miscellaneous is truly lively or not. Here we look at the attributes of living things – making use of earthworms together an example.

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All living things share life procedures such together growth and reproduction. Most scientists use 7 life processes or qualities to identify whether something is living or non-living.

The table below describes seven attributes of many living things and also contains references to earthworms to explain why we can absolutely say that they are "living".

Life process




All living things relocate in some way. This may be obvious, together as pets that are able to walk, or less obvious, such as plants that have actually parts that move to monitor the activity of the sun.

Earthworms usage circular and longitudinal muscle to move through soil or along surfaces.


Respiration is a chemistry reaction that happens within cell to release power from food.

The food the earthworms eat supplies their body through energy-rich molecules such as glucose. On beginning the cells of your body, this molecules are broken down in a series of steps to release power to be provided by the body, producing carbon dioxide and also water as waste products.


The ability to detect transforms in the surrounding environment.

Earthworms have light-sensitive cell scattered in their outer skin. Their skin cell are also sensitive to touch and also chemicals.


All living things grow.

Earthworms hatch from eggs and also can prosper up to a metre or an ext in length! part earthworms are additionally able come regrow little parts of your body that have been shed or injured.


The ability to reproduce and also pass genetic information onto their offspring.

Earthworms have both sperm and eggs within your bodies (they are hermaphrodites) however they cannot self-fertilise and also need come mate with another individual. After mating, a cocoon include the fertilised egg is deposited in the soil.


Getting rid the waste.

Earthworms excrete garbage from your anus – the last segment of their body.


The intake and also use that nutrients. This occurs in an extremely different methods in different kinds of life things.

Earthworm nutrition originates from a range of sources, depending upon their species. Food species include manure, compost, plant material, fungi, microbenidormclubdeportivo.organisms and decaying animals. They take it in food with their mouths.

Further classification

Based ~ above the info above, we deserve to confidently categorise earthworms together living things as they carry out all 7 life processes.

It is now possible to classify them more into a series of hierarchical categories: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species. Classifying living things right into these category is critical way for scientists to display how living points are related to each other. Many scientists classify living things into one the the adhering to six kingdoms.

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Bacteria are single-celled microbenidormclubdeportivo.organisms that don’t have actually a atom membrane. Protozoans room single-celled benidormclubdeportivo.organisms the are generally much larger than bacteria. They may be autotrophic or heterotrophic. Chromists room a diverse group that plant-like benidormclubdeportivo.organisms and selection from very tiny to an extremely large. Castle are found in almost all environments. Fungi space multicellular and rely ~ above breaking under benidormclubdeportivo.organic material as they are not maybe to do their own food. Plants space multicellular and also autotrophic – they use photosynthesis to produce food utilizing sunlight. Animals space multicellular. They space heterotrophic and rely on various other benidormclubdeportivo.organisms because that food.

Which kingdom execute you think earthworms belong to?

Animal characteristics

What did friend decide? Sometimes people are surprised to find out that earthworms space actually pets – the exact same kingdom as humans, cats, dogs, dolphins and also spiders! simply as living things share a set of usual characteristics, animals have an essential characteristics that can aid you to decision whether a living point is an pet or not.