Unique in the NFL, the environment-friendly Bay Packers space owned by our community of shareholder – our fans – fairly than a solitary owner or family. The “community team” perspective creates an remarkable bond the permeates all facets of life transparent the year.

Since the Packers belong to every one of us, we all think of ourselves together Packers. 

We clock preseason practices, often illustration a crowd large enough to competitor attendance at various other teams’ preseason games. Us line up follow me the walkway indigenous the locker room come the exercise fields, where youngsters offer up your tiny bikes and also run alongside players proudly delivering their helmets every the means to the gates. We tide hello to the players and their family members at the grocery store store prefer they are our friends. 

In return, the Packers company understands the its commitment to the neighborhood extends far beyond the football field. They engage in ar life, sending out their youngsters to our regional schools and volunteering at regional charities. They hold weekly talk mirrors at little bar and also grill venues and include the audience in the discussions. They graciously wave ago to us at the grocery store store. 

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A championship legacy 

In addition to community ownership, there is a pervasive emotion of ar pride in our background and legacy. 

Green just is the the smallest city in the nation with a football team in the NFL. Yet, us may have one of the most vibrant stories v a rich background rooted in the community. The team is called after the local business that placed up funds to sponsor the team: The Indian Packing agency (later purchase out and also known as the ACME pack Company).  

The football player were mostly local standouts who newly graduated indigenous the two local public high schools – environment-friendly Bay East and Green just West. 

Lambeau ar is named after the team’s first captain, Curly Lambeau. 

The eco-friendly Bay Packers winner Super Bowls I and also II under the legendary Coach Vince Lombardi. The Super key trophy is now called the Lombardi Trophy.  


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Be part of the fun 

Learn more about this distinctive football franchise and how come step right into (or completely embrace) the Packers fandom: 


The environment-friendly Bay Packers have actually won the most NFL championship titles, through nine NFL championships and also four supervisor Bowls. Room we proud of our championship legacy? possibly a little. Greater Green just has embraced our nickname, developing an entire breakthrough called the Titletown District. Yes sir so lot to see and also do in and also around Lambeau Field. Girlfriend can also live there!



You can discover both scheduled tasks and wander-at-your-own-pace areas throughout the neighborhood gathering room just actions from the stadium. Enjoy complimentary fitness classes, such as sunrise yoga and Werq run parties. Continuous programs choose Wellness go Wednesdays, Campfire Fridays and the Farmers’ Market carry out regular meet-up opportunities. Or, take into consideration joining the Titletown Kickball organization to reenact your childhood passions. In the winter, obtain your sledding and ice skating video game on daily.



From quick bites and comfort foods items at the 46 listed below bistro or salads, wraps and snack boards in ~ Lodge Kohler’s café come fine dining in ~ both the Taverne in the skies or the Hinterland Restaurant & Brewery all the method to an role playing game gaming endure at The Turn, yes sir something for every budget, every palate and also every schedule. 


PLACES TO continue to be OR LIVE

Enjoy a weekend getaway in the center of it every at the advanced Lodge Kohler. Or, if Lambeau just feels like residence to you… go ahead and also live there! TitletownHomes is a luxury townhouse community within the Titletown district that offers the possibility to live whereby you prefer to play. 



From boardrooms come ballrooms, Lambeau Field and Titletown have actually a selection of spaces to aid you develop memorable meetings or parties. 

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"The stadium has a well-off tradition and also history, once you action inside you just feel, like I acquire goosebumps. Like, wow, ns am actually here. Ns am a component of history."