It's 1am. You're in the popular music room at the SU and also your flatmate has actually just suggested tequila shots. From climate on you understand the night is walk to take it a turn. The following morning you wake up, tho in critical night's clothes, v a killer hangover and also a distinct burning taste in your mouth. Ahh, the familiar feeling that tequila. Yet why go tequila make you for this reason drunk? walk tequila actually turn you crazy, do you upset or do you cry? Is tequila actually the drink of winners? What is the fact behind the myths the tequila?

Here are all the usual questions we have about tequila, and also the science behind whether or no they room true.


Cue the tears!!!

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Is tequila drunk a different kind of drunk?

I refuse to believe anyone that says drinking tequila doesn't do you a totality other level of drunk. But yet again, this can't specifically be blamed on the soul itself.

When you're drinking tequila, you are absolutely on a foolish one. Finish of debate – that is why you space drunk, cram up, dance on tables and acting fully unlike yourself.

However, science has confirmed people that drink an ext are much more intelligent – therefore you have the right to take that one in ~ least.

Is tequila great for your health?

Stop what you're doing and also take a shot – due to the fact that science actually states tequila has some health and wellness benefits.

It is an excellent for her digestion and also immune system because it has high quantities of inulin, i m sorry grows an excellent bacteria in the gut.

Agave, i m sorry is the base ingredient of tequila, can also aid calcium absorption in the body. Which way tequila drinkers can additionally reap the benefits of not having to worry around early on-set arthritis.

Moderate drinkers additionally have a lower risk the Alzheimer's condition and other cognitive loss, according to a study in 2008.

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For this reason a tequila shooting here and there could aid lower your threat of dementia.

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