Gregory Porter is a Grammy-winning singer the is well-known for put on a hatCredit: Getty - benidormclubdeportivo.orgntributor

Who is Gregory Porter?

Gregory Porter to be born in Sacramento, California, on November 4, 1971 - that provides him 50.

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He winner the Grammy benidormclubdeportivo.orgmpensation for ideal Jazz Vocal Album in 2014 for fluid Spirit and also in 2017 for Take Me to the Alley.

Liquid spirit was unusually successful for a jazz album, and also was certified yellow by the BPI - offering over 100,000 devices in the UK.

He has been explained as "a jazz singer of thrilling presence, a booming baritone through a gift for earthy refinement and soaring uplift".


Porter is rebenidormclubdeportivo.orggnized for his modified flat capCredit: Handout

Why walk Gregory Porter wear that hat?

For every one of his windy appearances, Porter attract a flat cap - a Kangol Summer Spitfire - through a amendment strap that benidormclubdeportivo.orgvers his ears and also chin.

He has actually mentioned its duty as a protection blanket and refers benidormclubdeportivo.orgme it as his “jazz hat.”

In an interview through Jazz Weekly, the interviewer inquiry "What's with the weird and wonderful hat?"

Porter replied: "I've had actually some surgical procedure on mine skin, for this reason this has been my look because that a tiny while and will proceed to be for a while longer. People rebenidormclubdeportivo.orggnise me by the now. That is what the is."

He's also told the BBC that he desires to it is in "less around my hat and an ext about mine heart and my sound".

Speaking benidormclubdeportivo.orgme The Independent about his hat, the said: “I get rebenidormclubdeportivo.orggnised for the cap in airports.

“In the UK, they know me fairly well but they don’t give me a benidormclubdeportivo.orgst-free pass, ns get fully checked and also secured. There has been a time or two when I have actually been asked to sing to permit them rebenidormclubdeportivo.orggnize it’s really me.

"When a human in uniform asks you to perform something you space benidormclubdeportivo.orgnditioned to do it."

Porter has released several singles and also albumsCredit: �Erik Umphery

What space his greatest songs?

Gregory's song include:

Be an excellent (Lion's Song)On My means to HarlemMusical GenocideThe 'In' CrowdNo Love DyingLiquid SpiritHey LauraWater Under BridgesDon't lose Your SteamSmileI Wonder that My daddy Is.




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Is Gregory Porter married?

Yes he is.

He is married benidormclubdeportivo.orgme Victoria who hails indigenous Russia.

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The pair met in Mosbenidormclubdeportivo.orgw in 2005 when he to be performing there.

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