Azula"s fire is blue uneven other an effective firebenders who have orange fire. Because that instance, her uncle Iroh or Fire mr Sozin, even while under the affect of Sozin"s Comet, have actually orange fire.

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From the Wikipedia article around Azula:

One distinct feature of Azula"s firebending is that she create blue flames, setting her apart from all other firebenders.

But why is her fire blue?




The blue part of a fire is widely thought to it is in the hottest part of the flame.

The areas are additionally separated through color, the blue region (the innermost part of the flame) gift the hottest.

In reality, over there are plenty of factors that enter a flame"s color, yet the shade of Azula"s firebending is intended to present that the is hotter than the average firebender.



Azula"s fire was made blue to denote both she mastery in both firebending and lightning-creation. Azula"s fire burns hotter than most because of her lightning-mastery, however will revolve orange together it cools. second in raw power just to the Fire mr Ozai, she to be a force to be reckoned with.

From the Avatar Wiki, Avatar Extras Notation series, publication 2: Earth

Fact: Azula"s blue firebending actually turns orange as it cools.

The show"s creators wanted her come stand the end from various other firebenders during the collection as the major antagonist the the 2nd season.

From the Avatar Wiki:

Azula"s characteristics blue flames signify the strength she possessed and also constantly sought come increase. Her apathy likewise accounted because that her capacity to create and direct lightning, the "cold-blooded fire". Follow to Iroh, the skill required complete control of every emotion, which would not prove complicated for Azula through her one-track mentality.

A son prodigy, Azula was capable of tasks of firebending no various other benders could easily perform. Due to the fact that she could constantly summon lightning, that may be the crucial difference in just how her fire showed up in compare to various other firebenders. Bending is a chi-related discipline, and component of the screen is a connection to the mental state the the bender. Volatile and also quick come anger, she was really much choose the lightning she was susceptible to use.

Azula was able to create lightning easily and also at any type of time she wanted. Only two other firebenders were shown to be capable of together a feat and also even Aang, the Avatar to be never presented to have the ability to perform lightning-casting. She was able to usage her powers for an extended duration of time, produce disks and also sheets that flame and also could also use shields made of flame capable of resisting the linked attacks that Aang, Zuko, Katara, and also Toph simultaneously.

A awful perfectionist, cold-hearted and also lacking empathy others, fearing to appear weak, she learned harder than any type of other firebenders her age. She was always considered mentally unstable, a psychological condition that would only grow more aggravated through time. In spite of her psychological instability, she was a highly experienced fighter, tactician and also strategist and also conquered the wall surface city the Ba song Se, thought to it is in impregnable. She was capable of a number of other accomplishments no various other benders can easily perform:

From Wikipedia

Azula is able to propel herself, utilizing her flames, in a manner similar to a rocket. This capability has additionally been expanded as a means to paris for brief periods of time as watched in the cook Rock. She is additionally a professional unarmed fighter; in "The Avatar State", she bested Zuko without firebending, and also in "The job of black color Sun", avoided the merged forces the Aang, Toph, and Sokka for numerous minutes without her bending to help her. In "Appa"s shed Days", as soon as Suki make a stab assault at Azula through her fan, Azula jumped horizontally and also knocked Suki"s pan out of her hand and also onto a tree.

She also has the capability to lie without altering her love rate and also breathing patterns, making it near difficult to finding if she"s lying, as demonstrated in the episode "The day of black Sun", once she says, "I to be a 400 foot-tall violet platypus-bear through pink horns and silver wings." She is also an accomplished strategist, as she to be able to dominate Ba sing Se, a city assumed to it is in impenetrable, while usurping the planet King and hierarchy the the planet Kingdom capital all in one swift move.

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Azula is an expert in persuasion. She is capable of using psychological warfare, intimidation, and also mistruths come con other world into obeying her.