Why perform you desire to occupational with children? This is a very common teaching assistant interview concern simply due to the fact that a teaching assistant function will require you to work-related with children on a day-to-day basis.

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In this article, we will be explaining 8 ways you deserve to go about answering this TA interview question.

8 “Why perform you want to job-related with Children?” Answers

1. Education Matters

You can begin by explaining exactly how a thorough education and learning for kids has constantly been one of your main point beliefs. Education and learning matters for every pupil regardless of their capacity or background.

As a teaching assistant, friend would have the ability to coax the best out the each child through your very own enthusiasm because that learning.

You are positive that by adding your own excitement to the subject the teacher has actually introduced, you can help stimulate kids to be curious and also encourage them to listen. You have the right to assist the teacher by properly engaging v the children.

Ensuring every pupil views lessons together interesting and worth listening to, is the very first step in boosting a child's education.

2. Acquisition Opportunities

Why perform you desire to work-related with kids is all about taking opportunities. Every stage of college life opens up up new avenues the learning. Together a teaching assistant, you'd encourage pupils come explore brand-new topics in more detail and help them increase their curiosity.

With the appropriate guidance, even young children can uncover a fondness for topics such as mathematics, history or art. Define how girlfriend have always enjoyed exploring brand-new ideas yourself and also you're tho enthusiastic.

You firmly think that together a teaching assistant, girlfriend can assist the teacher introduce the youngsters to all varieties of lessons including, new sports, scientific research or learning about the world roughly us.

3. Duty Model

Say the you believe good manners are a basic part of society. Friend were lugged up to it is in well-mannered and have a strong sense that right and also wrong. Your positive, well balanced outlook renders you great role model.

Through working with children, you think you deserve to influence castle from an early age to become caring, considerate people.

There would be many methods as a to teach assistant whereby you could assist them recognize why they have to think of others.

You'd find it incredibly rewarding to have encouraged kids to end up being well-adjusted and respectful in the direction of everyone.

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4. Security and Trust

You room committed to helping the teacher create an atmosphere of reassurance and trust. You believe that kids of all eras perform educational tasks much more proficiently if they are in a secure environment.

You'd usage your skills as a teaching assistant to assist the children view college as a ar they deserve to rely on. You think that children won't asking for assist with lessons or other obstacles if they are afraid that the teaching employee or the classroom system.

You believe that by demonstrating your reliability and also understanding, you would certainly encourage youngsters to interact effectively.

5. Confident Personalities

In your own experience, a absence of to trust is harmful to a child's personal development and their desire come learn. Together a teaching assistant, you'd consider structure confidence a an essential part of your duties.

Explain how astute you are at identifying different personalities. For example, if you to be supervising a son who was shy and rarely spoke, you'd regularly pay them extra attention and gently encourage them come take part in activities.

By giving support, you'd coax them to it is in unafraid of new challenges.

6. Regional Difficulties

Before her interview, discover out the particular difficulties that the school or neighbourhood and tailor her answer to suit. If there's a high ratio of kids who usage another very first language, usage this to your advantage.

Say that you believe integration is vitally important for now and also the future. Friend would assist the teacher in encouraging youngsters to job-related on joint projects to promote friendship and understanding.

7. Special Educational Needs

An interview together a special needs teaching assistant will prompt the question, ‘why perform you desire to occupational with kids who have actually learning difficulties?' It's a duty that usually needs prior understanding of the obstacles you might face.

Describe the suffer you have gained through spontaneous work, possibly at a community centre. You found it very rewarding to be connected with children who really do require help.

You believe that every kid deserves the possibility to improve their skills and you have the patience and also understanding come encourage them.

As the teacher's assistant, friend would favor to be component of a team that's dedicated to offering emotional and educational support.

8. Your Personality

At some point, teaching assistant interview concerns inevitably revolve to why you think you have to be an ideal for the role. Say the you have constantly loved variety and gift adaptable.

Becoming a teaching assistant would be the ideal project for her character. Describe that indigenous your own experience, youngsters are so unpredictable. You love the spontaneity and the unexpected occasions they deserve to instigate.

You have actually the most an ideal personality come respond instinctively come whatever cases unfold. Tell them exactly how you stay calm under pressure and also you are very clear-headed in a crisis.

As a very resourceful, adaptable person, you believe you'd help the teacher uncover the systems to any kind of problem.


Why carry out you desire to work-related with kids is a crucial interview question. Think around the factors why you want to it is in a teaching assistant. You have to reply with an answer that's sincere.

It must enlighten the interviewers around the kind of human being you are and also the special characteristics you can bring to this donate role. You can take catalyst from our guide and adapt the answers to fit the college where you space applying.

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You may even need come use much more than one answer to provide enough information around yourself and the exciting challenge ahead.