Unlike our furry friends, turtles don’t have to be walked double a work so the they nothing poop on the new rug. Yet if girlfriend don’t understand the basics that turtles and also their poops, it spells trouble for you.

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Don’t worry. Ok tell you all around it.

But first, let’s begin with:

How regularly Do tortoise Poop?

Usually, adult turtles, at least over 4 inches, poop twice or thrice a week. The is as soon as every 2-4 days. However, infant turtles poop more frequently – virtually every day. If her young hatchling no poop at the very least once a day, that is most probably due to health complications.

Likewise, if your adult tortoise poops less than when a week, this is additionally a sign that something’s wrong through its health.

That gift said, the frequency the poop mostly depends ~ above the feeding schedule. If friend feed your turtle daily, they’ll poop every work or on alternating days.

How often do turtle poop is just the pointer of the string of turtle poop-related concerns coming your way. Buckle up!

What Does turtle Poop watch Like?

Your turtle’s poop deserve to tell you a lot around its health. In many cases, healthy and balanced turtle poop is brown or greenish-brown in color. Together for shape, the feces space excreted in pellet form or in a log form – quite similar to what human being poop look at like!


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But most importantly, it’ll breakdown and remove the poop by the moment your tortoise gets hungry again and digs in.

Conclusion ~ above How frequently Do turtles Poop

So, to sum it up, adult turtle poop about 2-3 time a week, while hatchlings and young juveniles will certainly poop as soon as every day.

For adult turtles, the frequency of pooping depends on countless different factors like your diet, age, weight, and sleep cycle.

And come answer exactly how long carry out turtles require to poop after ~ eating, the time taken deserve to be anywhere in between 5 minutes to one hour or so.

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Since tortoise love to eat and also poop in the water, as a turtle parent, you need to invest in a sturdy filter the can deliver top-notch performance to keep the water clean and also pristine for a longer time.