This is other I’ve never spoken about before. I’ve never also really faced up to it. Because it’s disgusting and I don’t recognize why I perform it.

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Please don’t referee me.

I’ve to be so nervous about sharing this and am maybe risking losing tons of readers and followers top top my society channels.

It’s no something i think around doing, i don’t have aware thoughts around eating skin.


I don’t think, Mmmmm, I’ll just dine top top a nice enjoy the meal of flakes and scabs’, anyone? Ironically a food I could actually prepare in my existing Topical Steroid withdrawal (TSW) state.

I often don’t even know I’m law it. Ns become conscious when I sense the skin flake or scab in mine mouth and often spit castle out. Yet sometimes I only realise when I’ve been doing it for ages.

And for the record, in mine head, I find eating flakes preferable come scabs. Eat scabs feels an ext wrong. Don’t questioning me to explain that one.

Excoriation or dermatillomania

So what is it the I’m doing? Is this a recognised condition? I discovered myself late one night typing right into google, “Why do I eat my very own skin flakes and scabs?” and of course over there it was. It has names, well the picking little bit does. Excoriation and Dermatillomania refer to as soon as a human repetitively picks your skin.

Pica – eating non food substances

Pica is when people feel a compulsion to eat stuff that’s not food! for instance, some will crave coal or eat things prefer chalk or brick dust. They regularly don’t recognize why they’re law it yet it have the right to be a sign of part underlying condition, favor a vitamin deficiency or various other illness. The human body knows it requirements something yet doesn’t create the correct an answer to deal with the problem.

But if mine skin is in an excellent condition ns don’t also think around it. The doesn’t take place when mine skin is clear and also healed. So have actually I obtained these conditions?

And whereby did this shameful habit come from? and much more importantly, how do I prevent it?

Because most of the moment it happens at night, and I don’t even know I’m law it. It ends up as component of part frenzied dream place where the picking and eating of flakes or scabs is every wrapped increase in miscellaneous I need to do in the dream, favor escape indigenous somewhere, find someone or something or simply that I should harvest and also clean the skin of any kind of irregularity. I hate it, yet I execute it without thinking.

So I have been do the efforts to recognize whether perhaps there to be a factor I began to do this and also maybe ns can help myself to stop.

Why do people eat skin and scabs?

Healthline explains: Picking and also eating scabs can have multiple basic causes. Sometimes, a human may pick at your skin and also not even an alert they’re act it. Other times it’s a coping mechanism to deal with other problems such as:

Anxiety (me)Anger (sometimes additionally me)Sadness (sadly sometimes me)Itchy (YES ME!)Self to organize (I feel favor that’s what I’m trying come do)As a response to serious episodes of stress or tension (definitely me)Fromboredom or habit (boredom – no never. Habit? Yup!)A genetic family background of the condition

Although eat scabs is not harmful, obsessively picking at the skin can reason permanent discoloration and scarring. Ns don’t really do this, ns don’t gnaw in ~ my skin or pick and also dig at it until it i do not care infected and also damaged. I execute however, sometimes pick a scab that’s not prepared to be picked yet for me, that’s a authorize to protect against picking.

It’s together if ns don’t prefer the scabs and skin structure up under my pond somehow and have to eliminate them. And also at night, if I’m in this kind of dream project of having to pick and also eat, it’s a way of learning whether my project is done… if there space no scabs of flakes detectable in the dark stuck under mine fingernails, climate my project is done and I have the right to stop.

I recognize it’s gross – don’t judge me.

I don’t eat my boogers – I have actually standards!

But why would certainly I check out eating bogies together unacceptable and also yet continue to eat flakes and also scabs?

It’s prefer I feel relieved as soon as I’ve excellent the picking and feasting but quite quickly feel shame and guilt. I recognize it’s not something that’s socially acceptable and also I have to stop. Yet I can’t!

Now I’m not mindful of urges to execute this, but it’s definitely arisen into a habit. I understand these have the right to be broken so I’m actively working top top analysing this behaviour and also trying come put right into place an ext acceptable methods of taking care of what’s walking on. If I have the right to stop choose altogether that would be amazing, yet for me ns think it comes from being very itchy i m sorry is no something I deserve to stop native happening. I just pick due to the fact that I’m itchy and also excessively flaky. I deserve to leave scabs sometimes and am functioning on act this as I understand the skin heals far better if the scab is left to do it’s job.

But as soon as you are experiencing TSW the scabs and also flakes space profusely appearing and also shedding. It’s not like a common scabbing situation.

Skin picking and scab eat is OCD

It would show up that mine skin picking habit and compulsion come eat skin flakes and scabs is noted under “obsessive compulsive and also related disorders” in the Diagnostic and also Statistical Manual-5 (DSM-V). This is the hands-on that psychiatrists usage to diagnose clinical disorders.

I would certainly never have actually previously classed myself as having OCD.

However I execute remember together a child I to be told the I provided to pull out my hair and eat it, which caused problems with compacted stools. I’m not sure how this to be dealt with however probably being simply by told no to. With time I guess gift told not to perform something harmful and shameful and warned of the serious aftermath of other must have actually worked. I’ve no memory of act it.

Is skin picking and also eating skin poor for you?

It have the right to lead to scarring, infections and non-healing sores. I’m not sure this is the case for me, yet if the obsession is always there and impossible to avoid it’s easy to see how this could build into a an extremely real problem.

It can also spread viruses, condition and food poisoning, among other things. The much less you difficult your mouth and put her fingers close to your mouth the better. We are in a pandemic after all… an additional reason to stop!

It’s also a very disgusting and anti-social habit. If you ever before see me law it you re welcome slap me! I’m kind of joking, ns feel that berating who with severe eczema once they scrape is unkind and also unnecessary, yet this eat business… urgh… it’s gained to stop!

How can you act scab eating?

Behavioral therapies

There are few ways of dealing with this condition:

Cognitive behavioural Therapy or CBT. I’ve done this prior to in therapy so I have the right to see just how this can help. I’ve started to look at this for myself, staring v observing and accepting the this is what I’m doing, the an initial step come reversing the habit. Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). I have actually no experience of this one myself so should do part research. There space four crucial areas girlfriend would work through:mindfulness – expertise the triggers that make friend pick, accepting them and also observing when it happensemotion regulation – through identifying this triggers and emotions the make friend pick and also eat, friend can shot to readjust how you check out this experience, exactly how it makes you feel and also what actions you could take.distress yongin – finding out to accept the urge and also compulsion but no respond come it or offer in to the advice to pick and eat.interpersonal efficiency – this deserve to be wherein family and group therapies have the right to work together people help each other and also learn exactly how to support a effective outcome.

I’m not fairly sure what the difference in between CBT and also ABT are but this is currently my homework.

I’ve to be doing well, not with the stopping picking, but certainly through the not eating. Every tiny step is one in the appropriate direction. Instead of eating any scabs or flakes I pick I’ve to be trying to drop lock onto the floor or put them into the bin, sink or a tissue. In the daytime this is simple to do. There is so lot dead skin indigenous the consistent TSW shedding the this isn’t bothering me. I hoover the skin up regularly as it’s like a person snow globe in below right now!

However sometimes I’m quiet finding myself law it, however I’ve began to recognise that now, to record myself, and to accept it. And not to beat myself up, just to asking myself, execute I need to do that appropriate now?

It apparently takes 60 work to rest a habit therefore let’s see exactly how I get on with this one.

I arrangement to check out getting some treatment for this also as it can be really helpful and also give me some tactics and techniques the I’d not assumed of before.

The nutritional value of skin and also scabs

And yes, ns googled this too. The price is nothing.


Not also fibre. There is absolutely no benefit or logical factor to carry out this.

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Just assumed I’d share that little bit of google trivia since I know you were all wondering… NOT!

Do girlfriend pick and eat your scabs?

If girlfriend think you have actually this condition too, over there is a online resource where you can go to obtain help. Check out The TLC foundation for Body concentrated Repetitive Behaviours.

I will additionally be journaling and following my very own journey so watch the end for updates… and also apologies if this has totally grossed friend out…I’d LOVE come hear your thoughts top top this fascinating addiction!