Cats have actually all path of inexplicable habits. A cat drink from the toilet bowl is something the should constantly be discouraged. Aside from the noticeable hygiene concerns, your cat can be ingesting toxic cleaning products.

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Toilet water is an appealing type of hydration for cats. Consistent flushing create oxygenation, freshening up the water supply. The porcelain bowl will save the water cool., and cats reap drinking moving water.

Cats are normally curious about bathrooms as this is among the rooms that you normally deny access. This room likewise contains a toilet roll, which cats love shredding for entertainment purposes. You’ll need to take stem your cat’s desire come drink native the toilet because of the visibility of urine, feces, and bleach.

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1 Why Does my Cat Drink restroom Water?
1.1 Convenient location
1.2 much more Flavorful
1.3 moving Water
1.4 Appealing fragrant
1.5 lull of access
1.6 Entertainment and Fun
2 exactly how To protect against A Cat Drinking out of The toilet
2.1 Restrict accessibility To The Toilet key
2.2 Scent-Based Deterrents
2.3 different Water resources
2.4 readjust Water Bowls
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Why Does my Cat Drink toilet Water?

If her cat drink from the toilet bowl, girlfriend will likely feel a little confused through this behavior. ~ all, you provide your cat through fresh, clean water every day. Why would certainly a cat desire to drink dirty water?

While this habit appears disgusting to you, cats think about drinking native the toilet bowl perfectly natural. This walk not change the truth that that dangerous, yet it’s how amazing common. This is why cat drink indigenous the toilet:

Convenient Location

If her cat is in the bathroom and also wants a drink, it might look to the toilet for hydration. It has actually easy accessibility to a huge water supply, for this reason why look for out a bowl of warm water? A cat may enter your bathroom due to the fact that it’s:

Litter tray is in the bathroomInterested in those behind the closed doorTiled floors and porcelain baths and sinks space cooling on a hot day

If her cat discovers that it can drink native the toilet, it may be reluctant to avoid doing so.


More Flavorful

Toilet water tastes great to cats, specifically if it has actually been recently flushed. In act so, the water will certainly be refreshed and also oxygenated. That can be much more appealing 보다 warm, stagnant tap water in a bowl.

Also, plenty of cats space fussy about water as they have the right to smell the chlorine discovered in tap water. To a cat, that a strange aroma that have to not it is in there. The cat will seek what the considers a safer, cleaner water source.

The water in a toilet bowl is preserved cool by the surrounding porcelain. Time it right, and also the cat will gain ice-cool water. This appeals come a cat’s wild instincts, mirroring the chilled water that’s uncovered in a to run stream.

You’d think that your cats would smell the clean products and steer clear of toilet water, yet that’s not the case because cats room curious creatures. The newspaper of clinical Toxicology declared that household chemicals were responsible because that 15.5% of 248 veterinary instances over a 3-year period.

If you record your cat drink from the toilet, be mindful of any kind of signs that toxicity. This include vast staring eyes, vomiting and also diarrhea, restlessness, and also trouble breathing. If so, take her cat to the vet as a matter of urgency.

Moving Water

Cats space smarter than most human being realize, and they are born imitators. If her cat look at you flush the toilet, the may also learn just how to flush the loo itself.

Some cats will certainly flush the toilet and also then lap up the water as it refreshes. This appeals come multiple feline senses. The water is moving and also is in ~ its freshest. In theory, this is the many hygienic way for a cat come drink.

Appealing Scents

Cats may be drawn to toilet water by the aromas in the bathroom. This room is likely where you save your favored perfumes and also colognes. While cat detect human beings by skin scent, lock will identify these smells, too. Your cat might assume that it’ll have the ability to find you by entering this room.

Perhaps her cat is attractive by the smell of soap or cleaning products. Many bleaches and comparable products use citrus scents. Usually, this will store cats away as they loathe the smell of lemon and also lime, but all cats are different. Part cats actually gain the odor of citrus, even if they are in the minority.

If you keep a wash hamper in the bathroom, this will attract cats. Felines attract comfort from apparel worn by your owners. Cats may choose to nap on such items. Once it wakes increase thirsty, toilet water is readily accessible to drink.

The absence of odor in the water might be appeal to cats. If water is too close come food or litter, it may be deemed contaminated. You will certainly not feed your cat in the bathroom, therefore the water smells much fresher.

Ease of Access

Depending on how high the water operation in your toilet, her cat find drinking indigenous the toilet much more comfortable. The may uncover it much easier to lap from the toilet bowl 보다 to crouch and also drink native its own bowl as result of back, leg, or neck issues.

Your cat may likewise seek restroom water as result of a hidden source of pain. If her cat has dental issues, it might blame the water key for the discomfort. The also feasible that her cat is allergy to the plastic water bowl. This is really common.

Consider the affect of whisker exhaustion on cats. Cats’ whiskers obtain lots of information from wait vibrations. If the whiskers climate rub versus a water bowl, they’ll ultimately grow sore. The journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery describes how many cats like eating and also drinking from whisker-friendly bowls.

Entertainment and also Fun

Cats may drink indigenous the toilet because that fun. It may have actually been unraveling a toilet roll and then lapped in ~ the toilet water. If her cat appreciated this experience, it i will not ~ be shy about repeating it in the future.

As discussed, cats are fascinated by the swirling the toilet water. If the cat watches this enough, curiosity will certainly inevitably take over. Her cat may start come wonder what will occur if it laps at this attractive whirlpool.

Your cat may likewise be drink from the toilet due to the fact that it is emotion bored. Some cats engage in actions that they understand are inappropriate to get attention. Her cat may be attempting to gain a reaction indigenous you.

How To protect against A Cat Drinking the end of The Toilet

There is no denying the cats have to not drink from a restroom bowl. Just due to the fact that your cat enjoys doing therefore doesn’t do it for sure or acceptable. Cats are governed by survive instincts however may still construct a selection of risky habits.

The main danger of a cat drink from the toilet bowl is cleaning chemicals. In theory, the water is fresh. In reality, friend may have placed bleach or other products down the toilet to death germs and also bacteria. If you haven’t flushed the restroom properly, it might contain urine and also feces. Even flushing the loo won’t eliminate all traces the poop and pee.

There is additionally the threat of a cat falling right into the toilet. The cat is unlikely to drown, yet it will be soaked to the bone. This deserve to reduce a cat’s temperature sharply. If you don’t discover the cat quickly, hyperthermia i do not care a risk. With this in mind, keep your cat away from the toilet. This is how:

Restrict accessibility To The restroom Bowl

Keep the restroom door closed and also shut the restroom lid. Uneven your cat’s litter tray is in the bathroom early to an are issues, it have to not need access to this room. Human being bathrooms space filled with feline hazards, and toilets are just one that them. If necessary, acquire a clip to store the toilet shut together cats room smart sufficient to learn how to elevator the lid.

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Scent-Based Deterrents

Air freshener scents and also essential oils might keep your cat the end of the bathroom. Fragrant that most cats dislike include:


You could also apply unwelcoming product to the toilet or the neighboring area. Cats loathe sticky substances beneath the paws. Apply some double-sided ice to where the cat gains access to the toilet.