About monarch of the Glen

Starring Alastair Mackenzie as Archie the rugged heir come the Glenbogle estate, king of the glen ran because that seven series from 2000-2005 and also survived the exit of its lead actor. Through star turns from the late Richard Briers and Susan Hampshire, it brought a welcome part of Scotland to our Sunday night telly. Find out more...

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Archie and Paul

review all about it

Monarch the the Glen was loosely based upon Sir Compton Mackenzie"s Highland Novels. The first book was likewise called monarch of the Glen and also featured the return that Archie MacDonald come his homeland, to confront up to his family responsibilities. Back rooted in the same location, the activity was change from the 1930s and 1940s come the present day.

Art imitating art

The location ‘Monarch of the Glen’ was derived from a painting by Landseer, don’t you know. Painted in 1851, the snapshot was one of the artist’s later on works and also depicts a group of majestic stags. Landseer had first visited the Highlands in 1824.

Save Archie

When fans learnt that Alastair Mackenzie to be planning to leave the series they collection up petition to persuade him to stay. Their pleas fell on fatality ears, however and he left during the fifth season. The actor has actually since showed up in episodes of Lewis, The Mentalist, Poirot and Skins.

From Scotland come Scandi

Mackenzie’s is the new love interest to Sidse Babett Knudsen’s glamorous afternoon in the third and final collection of the struggle Scandi benidormclubdeportivo.org Borgen. And also you might (or might not) it is in pleased come hear that the actress has actually been quoted as saying Mackenzie is a an excellent kisser!

The plays the thing

Before joining the cast as Archie’s follower Paul, Lloyd Owen play Professor Henry Jones in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the component made renowned by Sean Connery in the films. His an initial love is the theatre, however and he has showed up in Closer, plenty of Shakespeare plays and The Bodyguard.

Doctor Donald

Despite the numerous cast departures, one adjust in the line-up proved very satisfying – the arrival of previous Doctor who Tom Baker as Donald MacDonald. One of Britain’s most eccentric actors play an eccentric – genius!

Love at the finish of the Glen

The last ever before episode was a little of a fan-pleaser, with the majority of the cast pairing-up and also posing because that a team photo. Julian Fellowes, Susan Hampshire and also Richard Briers (as the ghost of Hector) returned, yet fans hoping for an illustration by Archie and Lexie to be to it is in short-changed.

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From Glenbogle come Downton

Perhaps influenced by his time ~ above the show, Julian Fellowes walk on to develop Downton Abbey, another tale that a family nation estate in peril.