Fittingly, the an initial full decade of the Super bowl era consisted of the two best teams of that era.

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On January 21, 1979, the Steelers and also Cowboys faced off in Super key XIII, a video game that observed Pittsburgh prevail, 35-31. In a video game that to be hyped up together the ideal Super bowl matchup top top paper, the video game lived as much as the hype, and also still, 38 years to the day after its conclusion, it"s concerned as among the biggest championship games ever played.

Here"s 10 points you might not remember around that game, a game in between two that the finest teams of all-time.

It was the first re-match in Super key history

Super bowl XIII arisen three year after the Steelers and also Cowboys an initial met in Super bowl X, as Pittsburgh prevailed 21-17 ~ above the toughness of video game MVP Lynn Swann"s four-catch, 161-yard performance that included his game-clinching, 64-yard touchdown reception. Seventeen year after Super key XXX, Pittsburgh and Dallas ended up being the first two teams to meet in the at sight Bowl 3 times, together the Cowboys defeated the Steelers in Arizona, 27-17.

It was the final Super bowl played at the Orange Bowl

Five the the first 13 supervisor Bowls were played in ~ the Orange Bowl, which had both that the Steelers-Cowboys at sight Bowls in the 70s. It additionally hosted Super key III, once the AFL"s jets stunned the greatly favored Colts, 16-7.

Dallas to be the very first defending champion to it is in the underdog in the adhering to Super Bowl

A year after whitewashing the Broncos in Super key XII, 27-10, Dallas walk 12-4 the adhering to year, and blanked the Rams 27-0 in Los Angeles to advance to Super key XIII. However the Cowboys to be underdogs come the Steelers heading right into Super key XIII, together Pittsburgh walk 14-2 during the "78 constant season and also defeated the Oilers 34-5 to advancement to its third Super bowl in 5 years.

It set a record for hall of Famers in one video game that quiet stands

A staggering 19 hall of Famers took ar in Super key XIII, which had nine Steelers players, 3 Cowboys players, coaches lining Noll and Tom Landry, Steelers owner Art and also Dan Rooney, and Cowboys president/general manager Tex Schramm. The game also featured hall of Fames in Dallas assistant coaches Mike Ditka and also Ernie Stautner, who No.70 has officially to be retired by the Steelers together with Joe Greene"s No.75. Stautner played his whole 14-year career with the Steelers before returning adhering to the 1963 season.

Hollywood"s hissing encouraged Bradshaw

Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, the Cowboys" braggadocious linebacker, stated that Steelers" quarterback terrycloth Bradshaw couldn"t assignment cat if the spotted the the "c and also the t". Fortunately, Bradshaw didn"t need to spell cat on the day, however he did litter for 318 yards and four touchdowns in the Steelers" victory, saying afterwords, "Ask if he have the right to spell M.V.P".

Henderson did have a huge play, forcing a Bradshaw fumble that led to Dallas" just lead that the work in the 2nd quarter. But Bradshaw--who turn the sphere over three times in the an initial half--quickly responded, leading his team on 2 scoring drives to reclaim the lead at intermission.

Five at sight Bowl records were set

While nobody these documents stand today, Super bowl XIII did collection temporary records for most complete points score <66>, most passing yards through one player , most touchdown overcome by a quarterback , longest beat in supervisor Bowl history , and the an initial game to have actually two receivers from the same team walk over 100 yards, together Lynn Swann and also Stallworth delighted in sterling performances.

Lost in Bradshaw"s power was the power of i get it Staubach, who ended up being the just other quarterback to litter for three touchdowns in a super Bowl, as Staubach nearly rallied the Cowboys earlier from one 18-point deficit in the game"s final minutes.

Bradshaw shrugs turn off shoulder injury to lead the Steelers

On the play where Henderson pried the ball loosened from Bradshaw, Pittsburgh"s quarterback hurt his shoulder. But Bradshaw didn"t miss out on a snap, hooking up with Stallworth on that 75-yard score top top the Steelers" taking place possession. Bradshaw would throw three of his four touchdown overcome after experiencing the injury that consisted of a 7-yard scoring strike to Rocky Bleier to offer the Black and Gold a 21-14 command at intermission.

Cowboys lasso Franco, while Dorsett dodges Steelers

While both teams possessed room of reputation quarterbacks, they likewise had two Hall of Fame to run backs in Pittsburgh"s Franco Harris and also Dallas" Tony Dorsett, a Pittsburgh native who won a Heisman Trophy and also national championship in ~ the university of Pittsburgh.

While Dorsett enjoyed a hard day, rushing because that 96 yards ~ above 16 carries and catching five passes for 44 yards, Harris struggled, rushing for just for just 68 yards top top 20 carries. Harris did conserve his finest carry because that last, however, ripping best through the love of the Cowboys defense because that a 22-yard touchdown operation that offered Pittsburgh a 28-17 with simply over 6 minutes remaining.

Tony Dungy made among the best plays the Super key XIII

Before he to be a Super bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy to be a defensive earlier for the Steelers. Dungy, who led Pittsburgh with 6 interceptions the season, made one of the best plays that Super key XIII. On the taking place kickoff complying with Harris" score, Dungy helped force a fumble by Cowboys" room of Fame protective linemen Randy White, that didn"t have actually a firm tight of the ball since of a actors on his hand .

After Dennis "Dirt" Winston recovered White"s fumble, Bradshaw went for the throat, shoot an 18-yard touchdown pass to Swann that offered Pittsburgh a 35-17 lead, simply 11 secs after Harris" touchdown.

It provided Pittsburgh one unprecedented third Super bowl title

Before Super key XIII, only Pittsburgh, Dallas, eco-friendly Bay and Miami had won more than one super Bowl. After ~ the Steelers made it through a gallant comeback attempt by the Cowboys in the game"s last minutes , the Steelers stood alone together the just franchise to own three Vince Lombardi Trophies.

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Today, the Steelers and also Cowboys room still two of most storied franchises of all-time. And while they"ve each had actually success due to the fact that that game, Super key XIII served as the height of both franchise"s brilliance, together the Steelers and Cowboys, together, was standing alone amongst the mountaintop of the NFL"s best franchises.