We’re only a few weeks far from the yearly WWE royal Rumble match, and anticipation for the event is in ~ an all time high.

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The WWE imperial Rumble is one of the most interesting matches the the year, and as we all recognize the enhance has large WrestleMania implications. Win the imperial Rumble is a pretty big deal, yet let’s confront it, some wins are an ext exciting than others.

In the past there have unfortunately been a few Royal Rumble wins that simply didn’t go anywhere, and today we’re walking to run down a few that absolutely stand out.

#5 – Batista (2014)


When Batista an initial left WWE, pan patiently waited because that his return, but when it lastly came it appears that Batista went back to WWE in ~ the dorn time.

Batista reverted in 2014 together a babyface, however the pan couldn’t stop booing him. At the moment fans that were fully behind Daniel Bryan refused to accept anyone else together the top star, which ended up hurting The Animal’s critical run with the company.

After everything Daniel Bryan had been through with The authority in the months leading as much as the imperial Rumble, it appeared to make feeling for Bryan to victory the match, and overcome the evil stable by winning the title at WrestleMania.

However, WWE go in a very different direction, and left Bryan out of the match entirely while Batista won and also was showered through boos from the fans in attendance.

Vince McMahon had his heart set on Batista difficult Randy Orton because that the WWE civilization Heavyweight Championship in a singles match, but eventually that caved in to pan demand and Daniel Bryan was added to the match.

WWE make the efforts their ideal to resist, yet in the end it’s probably safe come say the Daniel Bryan most likely should have just winner the royal Rumble in the first place.

#4 – Alberto Del Rio (2011)


As soon as Alberto Del Rio debuted, WWE an innovative made it clean to fans the he to be going to be getting a very healthy push.

Alberto immediately became among the peak heels top top the SmackDown brand, and he looked like very early favorite heading right into the 2011 imperial Rumble match, which occurred to be the greatest Rumble complement in history as that featured 40 Superstars together opposed come 30.

Del Rio winner the match and also went ~ above to challenge Edge because that the WWE people Heavyweight Championship in ~ WrestleMania 27, but he fail to success the belt. WWE officials climate pulled ago on his push for a couple of months prior to he ultimately went top top to victory the Money in the bank briefcase and then the WWE Championship in the summer the 2011.

With so lot hype behind Alberto Del Rio it appeared pretty anti-climactic because that him to difficulty for the belt, and lose, in the opening match of WrestleMania 27.

In the finish the 2011 imperial Rumble victory probably should have actually gone to john Cena who actually fought in the main event that year.

#3 – Sheamus (2012)


When Sheamus very first made his main roster debut that was instantly pushed together a optimal star, and he quickly ended up being WWE Champion. Part were shocked to check out the newcomer acquire pushed so tough so quickly, however the press didn’t critical all that long.

Eventually Sheamus was moved ago to the midcard, however WWE officials do the efforts for an additional main occasion push in 2012, and also this time around he functioned as a face.

Sheamus controlled to win the imperial Rumble and also beat Daniel Bryan in the opening complement of WrestleMania 28 whereby he won the WWE world Heavyweight Championship in 17 seconds.

However, the record setup victory at WrestleMania only assisted to gain Daniel Bryan an ext over through the fans, and some would say the the “Yes Movement” started at WrestleMania 28.

It also didn’t aid that the imperial Rumble winner ended up wrestling in the an initial match the the night at WrestleMania 2 years in a row.

The 2012 royal Rumble came under to Sheamus and also Chris Jericho, and also in this situation it seems that Jericho probably would have actually been the better pick as he go on to face CM Punk for the WWE location in among the much more memorable matches on the card.

#2 – Randy Orton (2017)


Randy Orton has accomplished a lot in his WWE career, and also he wake up to be a 13 time WWE people Champion. It’s safe to say the he’s a future WWE room of Famer there is no a doubt, i m sorry is why plenty of fans to be left scratching their heads after Randy won the royal Rumble for the second time in his job in 2017.

The 2017 royal Rumble enhance was invited with substantial names such as Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and also The Undertaker. A many the hype behind the Rumble match focused ~ above Lesnar’s feud with Goldberg, and despite the reality that they were both eliminated, both men finished up fighting because that the global Title in a WrestleMania rematch that was 13 year in the making.

Randy Orton walk on to confront Bray Wyatt in a complement that is remembered much more for the weird images WWE projected top top the ring than anything else.

Orton’s title regime didn’t last very long as he dropped the belt come Jinder Mahal a few months later, and Brock Lesnar is quiet in possession of the global Title.

Whether you took pleasure in the Goldberg vs. Lesnar enhance or not, looking back it seems that either among them most likely would have actually been a much better fit to success the royal Rumble last year considering what WWE had actually planned.

#1 – john Cena (2008)


John Cena has a reputation for gift divisive, and he divided the fans as soon as he winner the royal Rumble at Madison Square Garden in 2008.

A couple of months prior to the royal Rumble, man Cena had actually been sidelined v an injury that maintained him out of action, and it was thought that that would continue to it is in sidelined for several months ~ the royal Rumble.

However, Cena shocked the people when he changed early and won the complement after entering at number 30.

Sure, it’s straightforward to dislike on the entirety scenario the WWE faking anyone out and also having Cena return early. Sure, it’s likewise easy to hate on the fact that Cena winner after entering in ~ number 30. Yet that’s no the worst thing about Cena’s win.

The worst component about man Cena’s win, is that he didn’t even wait until WrestleMania to usage his title shot.

Instead Cena supplied the title shot to difficulty Randy Orton because that the WWE Championship at No means Out in a complement which ended in a disqualification calculation the 2008 imperial Rumble match pretty lot useless.

Orton climate went on to successfully protect the belt against Triple H and also Cena in a triple threat complement at WrestleMania 24, while Edge and The Undertaker fought for the people Heavyweight Championship in a classic Mania main event.

As you have the right to see, sometimes the most obvious an option for a royal Rumble winner isn’t the worst choice, particularly when wins that space done for shock worth don’t walk anywhere.

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In any type of case, we’re just a couple of weeks far from the 2018 royal Rumble, so here’s come hoping the this year’s winner actually does do sense.