Saturday Night Live has been delighting audiences with a rotating cast of hilarious comedic actors due to the fact that its debut in 1975.

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With 45th seasons and over 874 episodes, and also counting, SNL has seen its same share the celebrity hosts from actors, come politicians, to sporting activities stars.

Of all of the hosts end the years, the youngest showed up in 1982 and really well may hold that spot because that a lengthy time to come.

The youngest master in ‘SNL’ history


The actors of Saturday Night Live | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In SNL‘s 2nd year, Jodie Foster organized at the young age of 14 after her success in the movies Taxi Driver and Bugsy Malone. Her opened monologue play on her period by special her reading a keep in mind from her mommy that allowed her to remain up late sufficient to host the show.

Fred Savage, who was born the year Jodie Foster hosted, was well-known for his role on The Wonder Years and was 13 year old by the moment he held SNL in 1990.

Savage do a splash in the episode’s cold open up playing the niece to Dana Carvey’s popular character Church Lady, for sure nailing the character’s voice, mannerisms, and also facial expressions.

The second youngest SNL host in the show’s background was macacayy Culkin the the residence Alone movies at age 11 in 1991. Even at together a young age, however, he was still four years older 보다 the show’s all-time youngest host: drew Barrymore.

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drewbarrymore) on might 1, 2019 at 6:39am PDT

A 7-year-old drew Barrymore had audiences entranced

On November 20, 1982, attracted Barrymore hosted SNL‘s 7th episode of Season 8. The episode opens with the full actors standing approximately Drew’s dressing room, full of toys and also stuffed animals, bemoaning the fact that the episode have the right to no longer feature any kind of sex or violence v a 7-year-old host.

Barrymore enters come audience “awws” and also surprisingly join them in the lamenting. The cast does one about-face, trying to do her feel welcomed and also accommodated. Her last line, “Milk? I’m a Barrymore! gain me a drink and also make that a double!” obtain laughs and hearty claps native the audience.

Another sketch, entitled “The Whiners space Adopting” features drew playing tiny orphan Wanda, that can’t it seems ~ to uncover anything nice come say, also for the sake of getting adopted.

Upon hearing indigenous the nun that her prospective family is from new Jersey, Wanda responds, “I don’t desire to live in brand-new Jersey, it smells like cheese.”

She tries come hide a smirk throughout the whole bit, till the end, once she’s grinning indigenous ear come ear together the happy yet whiny couple, The Whiners, take her home to be their new daughter.

The audience can’t assist but feel delighted the the tiny whiny Wanda, after year of rejection, finally finds her family.

Drew to be undeniably adorable transparent the show, even in the parody the Mommy Dearest, the dark 1981 docudrama that shows Joan Crawford’s abuse towards her adoptive children.

In the sketch, attracted has do SNL actors member Tim Kazurinsky dress up together ET and also is finishing increase his lipstick as soon as the mood turns and also he insists she takes a nap. They finish up knife fighting with their hangers yelling the movie’s most famous line: “No more wire hangers.”

Despite that is dark inspiration, attracted makes the map out light-hearted and adorable.

Drew Barrymore holds more ‘SNL’ acclaim

Not just is attracted Barrymore the youngest organize in the show’s history, yet with six reflects behind her, she has actually hosted the show an ext than any type of other female, through Tina Fey and also Candice Bergen just behind she at 5 each. Alec Baldwin holds the position for the many overall, through a lining 17 time hosting.

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Not countless child gibbs can case such a long and successful career. Attracted hasbounced earlier from difficult timesand proceeds showing audience again and also again the she still has actually the chops to play engaging and also realistic characters.

She has even started her own cosmetics line, Flower Beauty. Her ongoing relevance has actually made her a favorite for actors impersonations, with at least 7 actors members imitating her because 1991. Newest cast member, Chloe Fineman, had a killer impression that Barrymore in she pocket long prior to being cast on SNL, so it will certainly be no surprised if one more “Drew” shows up again in the close to future.