The job after your troubled trip to the Philippines involved an end, The Beatles arrived in India for the first time (aside from a an extremely brief avoid in Calcutta on the morning of 8 June 1964).

The 1966 Indian visit complying with a short refuelling prevent in Bangkok, at an early stage in the morning the 6 July 1966.

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Although they had hoped to invest time in India resting and also discovering the country’s music, their remain was anything however relaxing. Six hundred pan greeted their arrival in ~ Delhi airplane in new Delhi, and also the Oberoi Hotel, wherein they stayed, was quickly surrounded.


Before the tour was planned, I had an plan made that on the return trip from the Philippines come London i would stop off in India, due to the fact that I wanted to go and check that out and buy a good sitar. I had asked Neil if he would come with me, due to the fact that I didn’t desire to be in India on my own. That agreed, and also we had booked because that the 2 of us to gain off in Delhi.

Somewhere in between leaving London and going v Germany and also Japan to the Philippines, one by one the others had all sad, ‘I think ok come, too.’ however we acquired to Delhi and, after ~ the endure in the Philippines, the others didn’t desire to know. They didn’t want one more foreign country – they want to walk home.

I was emotion a small bit choose that myself; I can have gone home. But I was in Delhi, and as I had made the decision to gain off there i thought, ‘Well, it will be OK. At least in India castle don’t understand The Beatles. Fine slip in come this nice old country, and also have a little of peace and quiet.’

The others to be saying, ‘See you about , then – we’re going directly home.’ then the stewardess came down the aircraft and said, ‘Sorry, you’ve gained to get off. We’ve offered your seats on come London,’ and also she made them all leave the plane.

So we gained off. It to be night-time, and also we to be standing there waiting for our baggage, and then the greatest disappointment I had actually was a realisation of the extent of the reputation of The Beatles – because there were so numerous dark deals with in the night behind a wire mesh fence, every shouting, ‘Beatles! Beatles!’ and also following us.

We got in the car and also drove off, and they were all on tiny scooters, through the Sikhs in turbans all going, ‘Hi, Beatles, Beatles!’ ns thought, ‘Oh, no! Foxes have actually holes and also birds have actually nests, yet Beatles have nowhere come lay your heads.’

George Harrison Anthology

The Beatles controlled to sneak out using the hotel’s rear exit, and did some sightseeing and shopping.

Delhi was a yes, really funny feeling. I’m certain a many of civilization have had this experience as soon as they go there. In the components of new Delhi the were constructed by the British, it isn’t the small streets you can expect: we were on large wide roads, double carriageways through roundabouts.

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The impressive thing was the there were so many civilization out there. All the roundabouts had hundreds and hundreds of people sitting in the dark, a many them squatting in groups, consisting of old men with pipes. There to be crowds of civilization everywhere. Ns was thinking, ‘God! what’s happened?’ the was as if the Superbowl to be on, or there’d to be a big disaster, v all the civilization milling around. Then you acquire to realise that’s how it is – there room a lot of of human being there.