PAT Sajak and also Vanna White have actually been the faces of Wheel of luck for practically two decades, but there were two hosts who came before them.

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The longtime game show has been a clip of American television because it first debuted.


Wheel of happiness first premiered in 1975, and also the network version of the present was hosted by chuck Woolery and also Susan Stafford.

They held the present from 1975 till 1981.

According to Paley Matters, the two finished up leaving end a salary conflict with the show’s creator, Merv Griffin, and NBC.

Woolery wanted his salary to walk from $5,000 per week to $10,000 per week,


Chuck Woolery hosted Wheel of fortune for six years in the early on daysCredit: Rex

Griffin offered $7,500 and also NBC stated they would pay the rest, however that market was rescinded when Griffin threatened to move the display to CBS.

Woolery left the show after his final episode ~ above December 25, 1981.

Stafford left the display to assist cancer patient in Houston, Texas. She created a publication called “Stop the Wheel, I want to gain Off!” concerning her time ~ above the show.

”I mean, for seven years ns stood there and also turned letters. I had to ask myself if that was any way for a grown mrs to live her life,” Stafford said the Chicago Tribune.

Who room the hosts of Wheel that Fortune?

For 39 years, Pat Sajak has been the hold of Wheel the Fortune.

He joined "America's game" in 1981, earlier when the show aired top top network daytime television.

For his work on the game show, Sajak has got 19 nominations because that the Daytime Emmy compensation for impressive Game display Host, which the won 3 times.

Sajak's co-host is Vanna White, who has been the hostess the the video game show due to the fact that 1982.


Pat Sajak and Vanna WhiteCredit: Wheel the Fortune

Since her debut on Wheel of Fortune, White has showed up in an ext than 7,000 illustration of the famous game show.

For her occupational on Wheel the Fortune, White was honored v a star ~ above the Hollywood go of fame in April 2006.

In 2018, White was inducted into the NAB Broadcasting room of Fame, together with Sajak, executive producer harry Friedman and the game present itself.

Jim Thornton ended up being the voice of Wheel that Fortune as soon as he join the game display as the announcer in 2011.

What historic prize go a Wheel of luck contestant win?

Laura Trammell stays in Orange County, California and teaches windy elementary school.

She was also a contestant top top an episode of Wheel of Fortune that aired ~ above Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

She then went on to become the first person to victory a residence in the bonus round.

Trammell gone into the bonus ring of a cash prize of $23,690 and a expedition to St. Cutting board for a tropical island getaway.

The concern that ultimately won Trammell the prize to be answered with "I recorded a glimpse."

To i m sorry Sajak responded "She recorded a glimpse.

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"She caught a glimpse that her new home."

Trammell to be over the moon, feather shocked and also letting out a cry of excitement.