follow to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Gregorovitch was once the owner that the Elder Wand. Grindelwald stole the Elder Wand indigenous Gregorovitch without beating him in a duel. For this reason it would seem Grindelwald in reality never ended up being the genuine owner of the Elder Wand, as such Dumbledore, who beat Grindelwald in a duel, would also have never come to be the actual owner, which method neither Draco nor Harry would have ever before mastered the Elder Wand.

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Wasn"t Gregorovitch eliminated by Voldemort? Wouldn"t the make Voldemort the real grasp of the Elder Wand, and also therefore may be to kill Harry?



but Grindelwald has actually overpowered Gregorowitsch due to the fact that he shocked him v a "stupor" just at the moment he jumped the end of the home window (read the book) So it isn't only that the stole it, he overpowered Gregorowitsch through his own wand.
Defeat isn"t limited to death. Harry won it indigenous Draco just by overpowering him and taking his other wand. Death is only component of the wand"s history. It"s no necessary.

So Voldemort, on death Gregorovitch, never ever won the wand as Gregorovitch to be no longer the owner. We deserve to twist part words come say the "stealing" a wand is practically the same as "defeat", as, after ~ all, when you"re wandless, you"ve lost. This gets reiterated as soon as Harry steals Draco"s wand, together with two others. After ~ Grindelwald, Dumbledore winner it fair and also square after duleing him. Draco disarmed Dumbledore, so he won it as well. Harry won it in one indirect manner, he disarmed Draco"s normal wand, not the Elder wand (of i m sorry Draco knew nothing).


Well, you are making the exact same mistake Voldemort made. The ownership of the Elder Wand doesn"t readjust by murdering only.

Grindelwald stole that from Gregorovitch, i beg your pardon is sufficient to take into consideration the wand won.Gregorovitch must have stolen it together well, due to the fact that there"s no reason to think he was a murder or outstanding at dueling (he was only a wandmaker, one artisan).Dumbledore overpowered Grindelwald in their legendary duel.Draco disarmed Dumbledore.Harry overpowered Draco by steal his wand, and also that was sufficient for the allegiance the the Elder Wand to change from Draco --who never also touched it-- come Harry.

Note in the last suggest that bother interacts v Draco, not v the wand. Even Voldemort understands this, due to the fact that he death Snape also though he had actually the wand already.

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Wands need to sense --somehow-- a transition in power, and that must define their allegiance (the wand choose the wizard). Remember the Draco was yes, really weak as soon as Harry take it the wands from the (he didn"t even try to safeguard himself), and also Harry was full of energy and emotions, therefore the wand determined him, who at that minute was the more powerful wizard.