Doja Cat can be this year"s host of the MTV video Music Awards, yet she"s adding another significant gig to her belt -- she"s the star the Pepsi"s newest commercial, in which she plays Sandy Olsson fromGrease, and sings the 1978 movie"s classic track "You"re the One That ns Want."

But instead of thirsting after a leather jacket-wearing Danny Zuko lookalike because that love, Doja pursues him for one point alone -- his have the right to of soda.

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Though Doja to be tapped through the soft drink maker to perform a modern take on john Travolta and Olivia Newton-John"s "You"re the One That i Want" -- i beg your pardon peaked in ~ No. 1 ~ above the warm 100 chart one mainly beforeGrease was released -- she tells the she at first struggled through making the track her own.

"I sing, however I feel favor I have actually a the majority of trouble singing particular things, even my own songs. This was one of those songs whereby I had actually to yes, really push and find various parts of my singing capacity to make it happen," she explains. "Back then, music to be so different and so very closely done. The wasn"t just loops and also beats, i m sorry is why ns feel like this to be a little bit harder because that me. I can"t think I to be able to sort of hit few of those notes due to the fact that it"s a very complicated song to sing. I"m happy about it."

Doja revealed that she also contributed to the modernized variation of "You"re the One That i Want" behind the scenes. "There were some tweaks needed for the production and also that all came out amazing," she says. "I was likewise working through a very, really close girlfriend of mine for the song’s production, so I’m yes, really happy and proud of it. It was fun laying every the harmonies and every one of those came out yes, really nicely."

In the commercial, Doja is surrounding by Rydell High alumni. Gone room the Pink ladies of the previous -- Doja"s brand-new girls wear shades of shining pink, a feasible nod to her 2nd studio album, Hot Pink. Across the parking lot, Doja spots the T-Birds" leader cracking open up a can of Pepsi and also becomes filled v desire. After losing sight of her love interest, Doja heads to the bleachers to track down her man and fails. She later on goes come the soda shop and captures she guy"s fist after convert to a studded leather jack and also pants, signifying her change into "bad" Sandy. Doja doesn"t desire to be with him, though -- through the finish of the TV spot, she takes his soda and also leaves.

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"I simply remember seeing that Sandy together a kid and that just basically specifying my existence, for this reason in that moment, i was like, "I need to be below ,"" Doja speak, explaining her love the the "bad" Sandy look. "I love that movie therefore much."

Todd Kaplan, vp marketing at Pepsi, additionally explains why the firm felt Doja was the appropriate fit for the commercial. "She"s just so magnetic and unapologetic," he "She"s just obtained a an excellent energy around her and also is additionally at the right suggest in her career whereby we believed it would be a really fun point for she to take on a huge song like that and bring her own twist come it, i beg your pardon she walk in an amazingly awesome way."

Doja"s Pepsi advertisement is set to air during the VMAs on Sunday (Sept. 12). Watch it front of the main premiere below.