Here comes the eight Movie (2012) Soundtrack perform – Tracklist – OST – listen to initial Theme Music indigenous the movement Picture, movie score list, all songs list – playlist, that sings them, including end credits.Here comes the eight Soundtrack Information:Rupert Gregson-Williams is the male chosen to write the initial scores because that the 2012 action-comedy “Here come the Boom”. Except him, the soundtrack of the Kevin James-penned movie, also features music native Wolfmother, Stemm, P.O.D., Jimmy Bo Horne, L.A. Style, Refused and Godsmack.Below you deserve to view the finish The Samaritan Soundtrack list:1. Bouncing off the Ceiling – A*Teens 2. Joker and also The thief – Wolfmother 3. Optimus Bellum Domitor – Sak, Williams & Welch 4. Face The pains – Stemm 5. Eight – P.O.D. 6. Spank – Jimmy Bo Horne 7. James Brown Is Dead – L.A. Style 8. Brand-new Noise – refuse 9. Holly divine – Neil Diamond 10. Faithfully – Jonathan Cain 11. Holly divine – Neil Diamond featuring UltraLove 12. Images – Joseph Anderson 14. Ns Stand Alone – Godsmack 15. Doin’ It ideal y Steve Azar here Comes the boom Film Information:Genre: Action, Comedy release Date: 12 October 2012 (USA) Length: 105 minutesDirector: candid Coraci Writers: Kevin James, absent Reuben Stars: Kevin James, Salma Hayek and also Henry Winkler
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2. Joker and The thief – Wolfmother - Scott wakes up late and also rushes come the school. Movie location & opening Credits. <1"> 3. Optimus Bellum Domitor – Sak, Williams & Welch - UFC intro track from when Scott go to nikko to assist him through his studying. They first watch UFC. <21"> 4. Confront The pain – Stemm - Intro UFC once Scott fights The Executioner in Vegas. Fighters train before the match. <1h 20"> 5. Eight – P.O.D. - Voss start the fighting arena. (1st fight). Plays quickly as the gets into the arena. (2nd fight). The various other player go in the arena top top Scott"s song. (3rd fight). Marty sings that in the airport before flying to ras Vegas. Theatre in background together they come in las Vegas. <29"; 37; 44"; 1h 16"> 6. Spank – Jimmy Bo Horne - nikko teaching Disco Street Fighting come this song. <34"> 7. James Brown Is Dead – L.A. Layout - nikko starts his cycle class. <36"> 8. New Noise – refused - Plays at the Arena throughout the match before his 2nd fight. <36"> 9. Holly divine – Neil Diamond - Scott"s brand-new entering song. Plays in the car as Scott, Niko and also Marty journey away native their first win. <45"; 49"> 10. Faithfully – Jonathan Cain - nikko sings it to Leia when she tries come teach that <1h 02"> 11. Holly holy – Neil Diamond featuring UltraLove - Scott trains, beginning winning and bringing in an ext money. Leya keeps maintain Nikko. Collage. <1h 03"> 12. Photos – Joseph Anderson - male sings that in the airport. <1h 16"> 13. Holly divine - Frankie Storm - kids come come Scott"s UFC match and also perform this song prior to he enters the arena. <1h 23"> 14. I Stand Alone – Godsmack - Ken Dietrich"s (The Excecutioner) beginning the arena song <1h 26"> 15. Doin’ It appropriate y Steve Azar - end Credits. <1h 41">

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