Misheard text (also dubbed mondegreens) occur when civilization misunderstand the text in a song. These space NOT intended rephrasing the lyrics, i beg your pardon is called parody.For an ext information about the misheard lyrics available on this site, please read our FAQ.

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This page consists of a list of the songs that have stories about their misheard text submitted.

Song names space sorted by first letter, excluding A and also The. This is sorted by track title only, notby song title and performer. So if two different performers preformed the very same song, you"ll seemisheard lyrics for both ~ above the same web page (provided the song title was spelt the exact same both times, andmisheard lyrics have actually been submitted because that both!).

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The Story: mine 10 year old son told us that he really choose the song "Angels in a catapult", yet he thought it was typical to placed angels in a catapult. We didn"t have a proviso what he to be talking around until one day when he claimed "That is the song!!!!" and it was "Centerfold". We told the the exactly lyrics, but he quiet sings the the various other way. - submitted by: James VanCleave
The Story: my pre-teen daughter to be shocked when she found out the real lyrics, particularly after I described to she what a "centerfold" is! Boy, to be her face RED! - it is registered by: Nora
The Story: i live in Semaphore, i beg your pardon is in southern Australia, Australia. My dad told me exactly how "cool it was to live in an area the has had a track written about it". - it is registered by: Tanya
The Story: ~ a stopover in Singapore, i heard this track on the radio. I was encouraged they claimed "Angel lives in Singapore". - submitted by: scooter
The Story: ns was in ~ a friend house and she buys compilation CDs, so i was looking at the situation for one 80"s one and also asked if I could put this on. She stated of course, it was one of her favourite songs. I started singing along and also she asked why ns was to sing the wrong lyrics (I wasn"t). Ns then obtained to explain to her what the song actually meant. It is no longer one of she favourite songs. - it is registered by: Mercutio
The Story: It"s in reality my sister"s misheard lyric. Us were a group in a car singing loudly come the radio and once residence realized, while she was singing the song in the house, that she was to sing Greaseface rather of Freezeframe - it is registered by: Tvor
The Story: ns was around 12 as soon as this song ended up being really popular. My sisters and I to be listening to it ~ above the radio when mother came in and went with the roof, yelling around what kind of stuff they would certainly play on the radio, and also how us were being impacted by that trashy song, being young and also innocent. She turned off the radio and left the room in a huff. The wasn"t until she calmed down later on that us asked she what she to be so angry about, and also we all had actually a an excellent laugh once she interpreted that the tune was entitled "Freeze Frame", and also not "Squeeze Play". She never ever did elaborate. ;) - it is registered by: Joy

There are more J. Geils tape misheard text available.

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