By the early on ’70s, the biggest names in British absent had gotten into reggae. After Paul McCartney and also Wings dove in with 1971’s “Love Is Strange,” john Lennon highlighted the Jamaican style in 1973’s “Mind Games.” however neither track hit prefer Eric Clapton’s take on Bob Marley’s “I shooting the Sheriff.”

Marley had released the song on The Wailers’ ’73 Burnin’ album. The adhering to year, Clapton covered the song for his 461 ocean Boulevard LP. Clapton’s variation really took turn off in summer ’74, and it hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts in mid-September. It’s the just No. 1 that Clapton’s career.

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While Clapton’s sheathe meant an excellent things for Marley’s call on the global scene, that reportedly had conflicting emotions around it when he heard that variation of “I shooting the Sheriff” getting more airplay 보다 his very own music in Jamaica.

Eric Clapton’s ‘I shot the Sheriff’ got much more Jamaican airplay 보다 Bob Marley’s version



Bob Marley (1945-81) in ~ the workplaces of Island Records, July 1975 | Michael Putland/Getty Images

Nearly 50 years later, it’s hard to imagine Jamaican DJs spinning Clapton’s “I shot the Sheriff” if ignoring Marley’s music, but that’s the way it was. Follow to Davis’ Marley, the situation bothered the so much he’d threatened the DJs in person a second time.

After listening the airplay Clapton got, Marley and also his friend “Skill” Cole went ago to the station to inquire around the latest Wailers single. In Marley, Davis composed that one DJ went to the police afterward to complain he’d to be threatened.

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In the end, Clapton’s cover carried Marley’s music to various parts that the world, so that was definitely a an excellent thing for the climbing Jamaican star. All these year later, it’s no contest as to which variation aged better. That calls to mind a hoax Shaq once told about a reggae album Snoop Dogg recorded.

“Snoop do a reggae album,” Shaq stated at the 2015 Justin Bieber roast. “If she a lab fan, you may not have it. But if you’re a reggae fan, I know you nothing f*cking have it.”