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Manuel Jackson native Shreveport LouisianaBrook Benton is just one of my many favorite singer the was substantially intelligent and also his capability was out of the roof.Barry native Sauquoit, NyExactly fifty years ago today on march 8th, 1970 "Rainy Night In Georgia" through Brook Benton peaked in ~ #1 for 1 week ~ above Billboard"s hot Soul Singles* chart...The week prior to it remained in it"s 2nd of 2 weeks in ~ #4 on Billboard"s height 100 chart, and also that to be it"s height position ~ above the height 100...Between 1959 and also 1978 the Lugoff, south Carolina native had thirty-six documents on the Billboard"s R&B Singles chart, twenty-one made the height 10 v seven getting to #1... Mr. Benton passed away on April 9th, 1988 at the young of 56 pneumonia...May the R.I.P.* and also from the "For What It"s Worth" department, the remainder of the hot Soul Singles" height 10 on march 8th, 1970:At #2. "Thank you (Falettinme Be mouse Elf Agin)" through Sly and the Family rock Last week"s #1 record#3. "Call Me" through Aretha Franklin#4. "It"s A brand-new Day" by James Brown#5. "Psychedelic Shack" by the Temptations#6. "Did ns (Blow her Mind This Time)" by the Delfonics#7. "The Bells" by the Originals#8. "Gotta hold On to This Feeling" by small Walker and also the All-Stars#9. "Do The Funky Chicken" by Rufus Thomas#10. "To The other Woman" through Doris Duke...Barry native Sauquoit, NySadly, Toots Thielmans passed far on august 22nd, 2016 at the period of 94...May that R.I.P.Rocky from ft Smith, ArI love this track by Brook Benton. Back in "69, ns was offer in the military in Vietnam & it was played a lot over the AFVN radio there. A yes, really moody and emotional track that yes, really gets come ya. Thanks to Barry of Saquoit, NY for reminding united state of Benton"s significant career. Ago in the late 50s and early 60s, i loved Brook Benton hits that were ~ above the radio then. The R&B hits earlier then to be so fine! and Benton had actually so many of them. I was saddened when he passed. What a an excellent talent.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 4th 1970, "Rainy Night In Georgia" through Brook Benton gotten in Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart; and also on march 1st, 1970 that peaked in ~ #4 (for 2 weeks) and spent 15 mainly on the height 100... And also on in march 8th, 1970 it got to #1 (for 1 week) on Billboard"s R&B Singles chart...Between 1959 and also 1978 he had actually thirty-six documents the R&B Singles chart; v twenty one make the optimal 10 and also seven reaching #1; "It"s just a issue of Time" (1959), "So many Ways" (1959), "Thank you Pretty Baby" (1959) "Baby (You"ve gained What it Takes)" w/Dinah Washington (1960>, "Kiddio" (1960), "A Rockin" good Way" w/ Dinah Washington (1960), and finally "Rainy Night in Georgia"...R.I.P. Mr. Benton, born Benjamin Franklin Peay, (1931 - 1988).Randy from Houghton Lake, MiI love listening come this as soon as I"m emotion down. I really choose the Brook Benton version yet have to agree with David in PA the Sam Moore and also Conway Twitty version is jaw droppingly good.David native Pen Argyl, PaThere"s a jaw-dropingly an excellent version of it together a duet: Sam Moore and also Conway Twitty(!) on the great 1994 duets album, valuation Country and also BluesPaul indigenous St Paul, Mnmatters not if you are white-black or inbetween this track reminds us that sooner or last clouds will certainly hover.Luke from Manchester, EnglandThis song was likewise covered by Randy CrawfordMagos indigenous Orlando, FlI proficient "On line Interruptus" when posting the text to "Polk Salad Annie",(the originalTony Joe White version) yet it bear a listen.Having watched Benton, Presley, and others performtheir versions, this "ol dog deserve to only bark prayer for the original. Greg native Shelbyville, KyI recall reading an intgerview through Benton"s producer (I think) who claimed he played Tony Joe"s record for him. Tony Joe had actually a fairly simple preformance, and Benton thought it to be a demo tape, but it to be the actual studio album. Tony Joe White"s big hit was "Polk Salad Annie". It has actually the good line: "Gator"s obtained your Granny; Chomp, Chomp"see an ext comments
Hound DogElvis Presley

The songwriting team Leiber and Stoller wrote "Hound Dog" because that a blues singer named large Mama Thronton, who an initial recorded the song in 1953. Elvis spanned it in 1956, and it ended up being his greatest hit.

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dual VisionForeigner

Foreigner obtained the title because that "Double Vision" ~ watching a hockey video game where goalie john Davidson got a concussion. It was announced over the PA mechanism that he was enduring from "Double Vision."

(Everything ns Do) I execute It because that YouBryan Adams

The Bryan Adams song "(Everything i Do) I carry out It because that You" was virtually rejected because that the movie Robin Hood: Prince the Thieves since it didn"t sound middle ages enough.

return to SenderElvis Presley

When the Elvis stamps came out in 1993, lots of folks supplied them to mail letters with bad addresses for this reason they would be returned to Sender.

We are All make Of StarsMoby

Moby states that "We space All made Of Stars" is scientifically accurate, because all issue originates indigenous stardust.

Blinded through The LightBruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen composed "Blinded by The Light," which was a #1 hit because that Manfred Mann"s earth Band. The "Madman Drummers" line is a reference to Springsteen"s very first E-Street drummer, Vinnie "Mad dog" Lopez.

Yacht rock QuizFact or Fiction

Christopher Cross v Deep Purple? Kenny Loggins in Caddyshack? A truth or Fiction all about yacht rock and those that made it.

Who"s Johnny, and also Why walk He present Up In So plenty of SongsSong writing

For songwriters, Johnny represents the American man. He has been angry, cool, magic, a rebel and, the course, marching home.

Tony financial institutions of GenesisSongwriter Interviews

Genesis" key-man re-examines his solo career and also the beforehand days the music video.

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David Paich the TotoSongwriter Interviews

Toto"s key-board player describes the true an interpretation of "Africa" and talks about working on the Thriller album.

Tony Joe WhiteSongwriter Interviews

The writer of "Rainy Night in Georgia" and "Polk Salad Annie" defines how the cooks up his Louisiana swamp rock.

Why does Everybody dislike Nu-Metal? Your metal Questions AnsweredSong creating

10 questions for the writer of priceless Metal: Decibel presents the story Behind 25 too much Metal Masterpieces