While functioning on mine doctoral dissertation at the university of Texas in ~ Austin, I calm by driving around the Hill country of central Texas in my Oldsmobile Convertible. I needed to relax. I was pursuing "interdisciplinary" research entailing the self-controls of psychology, biochemistry, computer system science, statistics, and biomedical engineering. These job it would certainly be called an "integrated science" project. At the time this adhered to on the heels of having been the co-author of 2 articles showing up in the prestigeous Proceedings the the nationwide Academy that Sciences.

I serene experiencing burnt-orange sunsets, bluebonnets in spring, invigorating fall weather after warm Texas summers, perpetual night breezes typical to the Southwest, picnics under "the stars at night big and bright" without mosquitoes. Also the rush to close the top at the an initial signs the a “Blue Norther” (i.e., a sudden, ominious storm v thunder, lightening and also rain unlike anything ns had ever before known in brand-new England) was a welcomed adjust of pace!

All this was around to change. My used, shall i say preowned, convertible soon essential a rebuilt transmission, but then ran there is no problems. Following graduation, i drove the car and also U-Haul trailer (Photo in Archive) to new York City to start my postdoctoral internship in ~ the Ellis academy in Manhattan and also teaching in the brand-new doctoral psychology regime at long Island University throughout the east River from wall Street. There, I would certainly serve together Assistant then Assocatiate Professor till joining the employee of a government hospital"s outpatient clinic, and began building a private practice in Manhattan.

Archive: https://www.benidormclubdeportivo.org/blog/beyond-good-and-evil

Culture Shock-From Texas to new York City:

It didn’t take lengthy for the soft height of mine Texas convertible to end up being slashed and shredded by vandals roaming Manhattan’s central Park West. The replacement price hurt on a professor’s salary, keeping in mental I had moved from Austin, known to have actually the lowest price of life in the United states at the time, to Manhattan through the highest cost of living. This do "culture shock" worse! Two months later on my automobile was stolen from the faculty parking lot. In another four months i was mugged on campus. This metropolitan reception put an finish to "living well" v a convertible for the following thirty-three year in Manhattan. The threat of losing one more one was too painful even as I thrived in confidence and “street smarts” essential to make it through a city where law and also order rise and also fall top top the backs the politicians and also mayoral administrations.

I had actually encountered city realities never studied or competent at Amherst or Austin, or dreamy of ~ above the Massachusetts farm wherein I was born and raised. I went top top to make it through the worst and enjoy the finest the city, at the facility of the world, had actually to offer. Practicing my chosen profession in Manhattan became a “dream practice” as mayors came and went setting the “tone” for regulation enforcement, and also the boom and also bust of service cycles came and went with small impact on my life style. I prospered to love “My brand-new York” much as others grow to love “My London,” “My Paris,” or “My Berlin.” these days, article 911 brand-new York is much safer for residents. That is also safer for tourists who are seen as "cash cows."


Big cities through pluralistic cultures, ethnic diversity, and also “projects,” designed to “warehouse” alienated, unemployed, and often medicine addicted youths, space not easy to govern. Also so, ns resented mayors soft top top crime and their fail to safeguard guys choose me earning an honest living. Ns was angry. Some of us saw patients at night. Part taught process at night. I want to it is in safe. Through the i of time I lost myself to mine profession of helping rather in my private practice ~ above Manhattan’s Upper eastern Side, and also as an elderly Staff Psychologist in ~ the Outpatient Clinic that the Veterans management Hospital. Ns told myself “givers live much longer and better lives 보다 takers” and moved on, thankful ns had finished up at the center of the civilization the boy had actually dreamed around on that farm yard in rural western Massachusetts.


Recently, I made decision to face this unfinished business in my life entailing the traumas mentioned, and also the fantasy of owning an additional convertible in the spirit of living fine is the finest revenge. It to be April and also reading an article around the Mercedes car in the in march 2015 worry of Mercedes Enthusiast, a brothers magazine, I determined to to buy one! It had actually to be "preowned" to fulfill my pocketbook, and aesthetic tastes. I wanted the layout of larger models there is no the look of "Boxes," "Bubbles," or designs motivated by "Hollywood" or "Focus Groups!"

I had actually previously garbage German and also American car in favor of much more reliable Japanese cars. Living in northern Virginia, an exciting mix of Texas and also Manhattan near Washington, D.C., I felt the moment was ripe for a convertible, and also having encouraged myself the reliability of German cars had improved, I began my search. I recognize wanting come recapture my youth and also college days, and the desire come overcome any type of car envy, and also resolve the trauma of having actually lost my very first convertible to metropolitan vandals, hoodlums, hooligans, brigands, crooks, robbers, villains, pillagers, barbarians, outlaws, evildoers, goons, ruffians, thugs, nincompoops, or whatever the cotton “they” or “them” are referred to as these days!

Note: It was the American politician and also sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan (March 16, 1927 – in march 26, 2003) who acquired it right as soon as it came to understanding such metropolitan realities now spreading to the wider world! he was elected to the United claims Senate from brand-new York in 1976, 1982, 1988, and also 1994, and served together a member of 4 presidential administrations. I wish an ext had listened come him!


I was mugged, meaning attacked and robbed in a publicly place! Has this ever before happened come you? that took place on an metropolitan college campus prior to mastering the street smarts needed to make it through the transforming "climate" of regulation enforcement and public safety. Ns have much more to report. Mine roomate in ~ the time, also a post-doctoral, clinical intern, at the Ellis Institute to be mugged near my faculty apartment building. My department Chairman Professor Gilbert, who had hired me, was mugged a year later obtaining his vehicle from the exact same faculty parking lot where mine to be stolen. (Note: Professor, Chairman Gilbert was previously Chief Psychologist in ~ the Nuremberg Trials following human being War II. He authored such books as The Psychology of Dictatorship and Nuremberg Diary). He to be fluent in German, battled in civilization War II, interviewed and tested Nazi prisoners on trial, and also was never mugged transparent the war. Chairman Gilbert dropped victim to among the city’s “bad mayors").

There is more! my friend and also radio personality Dr. Carlton Fredericks was mugged turn off Times Square in vast daylight when approaching WOR studios to broadcast his popular Design for Living. I recall he shed no time retreating come a make-shift studio at his suburban home. Together, he and also I, and also a team of progressive physicians, in addition to Professors R. J. Williams and Linus Pauling, would certainly go ~ above to organized the world’s first preventive medicine culture for doctors just (The global Academy of preventative Medicine, and also I was elected their an initial Ph.D. President). Those that us making it through mayoral managements weak top top crime, the FBI handled arranged crime, flourished to appreciate the meaning of living well is the ideal revenge.

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A automobile Guy Heals Himself:

In my find for the perfect Mercedes i was influenced by that write-up in the brothers magazine about the CLK 320 Mercedes. It argued the 2005 design was a very “appealing buy the is tho young sufficient to feeling perfectly modern, but old enough to be affordable, and also make summer motoring a joy.” ns then discovered and fell in love v a low mileage Silver Mercedes specimen at Arlington near Washington, D.C. However, it failed the obligatory PPI or “pre-purchase-inspection” by my mechanic who reported too many mechanical wrongs v this cosmetically best car. Ns couldn’t understand just how a auto with such low mileage might have so many mysterious problems. Car Fax revealed nothing! the was an additional example of the old adage “you can not judge a publication by its cover.” I had actually to autumn out of love after ~ falling in love.

I climate searched the net ads and also ended up driving approximately Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia until two popped increase in Richmond. They sound promising over the phone. I requested a “curtesy hold” of 48 hrs to fend turn off others through spring fever wanting what i wanted. I automatically drove to Richmond all set to overnight at a hotel. By currently I was exhausted of searching. Ns was ready to provide up. You have the right to imagine the excited of learning the an initial car lived approximately the salesman"s pitch. It was a one owner with an extremely low mileage…at thirty some thousand miles it was hardly "broken in" through Mercedes standards and it to be the version I had actually read about. The protective plastic sheet spanning the floor mat hadn’t been removed. The problem was color: it to be black and chrome v a charcoal interior. I had wanted a silver- one the shade of my Prius. The questioning price was too much, but, I discovered myself in the right place at the best time with others breathing under my neck. Ns learned come love black-with-chrome and also the charcoal interior. Us agreed on the questioning price offering they would enable a PPI. they did, arguing they had nothing come hide. In the end they solved a few minor problems, placed new Michelin tires, and I drove it back to north Virginia in the rain without the soft top leaking. The waiting conditioning was strong. I loved the method it handled! The leather smelled new! i drove home without touching any buttons and switches, and also I’m currently reading the 2 manuals (i.e., "Car" and also "Command Navigation" manuals) prior to doing so.



Living past the forever transforming philosophies of urban regulation enforcement, I have a little much more confidence owning a convertible; however I know that in today’s more comprehensive and globalized world, nobody of united state is ever before far from “My new York City” in this respect.

Driving the Virginia convertible promises to help me work through the unfinished company of losing my Texas convertible under scenarios that had actually diluted the pure pleasure and youthful excitement of arriving brand-new York City indigenous Texas and also fulfilling the boy’s dream. I now look forward to what the British describe as “the pleasure of summer motoring," and in means that promise a revival of fading memory in the heart of "living well is the best revenge;" take out loan an old expression attributed come George Herbert that was a renowned 17th century poet. Now there is the difficulty of 21st century climate change as the earth struggles to find a new equilibrium in a way that gives rise to extreme weather events! And, Oh, i forgot to mention the heroin epidemic in "my brand-new England," beyond the roadways of "my new York," i m sorry now pertains to me as soon as I journey North.


With all this in mind, I want to share 2 poems licensed has been granted “The silver Mercedes” and “The black Mercedes through Linda Niewiadomski who is on friendly terms with my excitement these days. The poems are only slightly different in content, reflecting the outcomes of my search for the "perfect" preowned convertible. Some will remember Linda together the poet who provided us poetic definitions of the Three size of Value and Moral thinking recalled below. **

The silver- Mercedes:

Please gain in line

All you pretty ladies

Here comes Leon

In his silver- Mercedes

With the peak down

And wind in his hair

Try and hitch a ride

Only if you dare!

Oil might be leaking

And Door handle rattle

Just reap the ride

But nothing you tattle!



The black Mercedes

Please gain in line

All you pretty ladies

Here comes Leon

In his black Mercedes

With the height down

And wind in his hair

Try and hitch a ride

Only if you dare!

Chrome currently Streaking

Rebel in the saddle

Just enjoy the ride

But nothing you tattle!


* Footnote 1: Time Heals every Wounds

In time, i would put painful memory in the bigger context that “civilization and also its discontents,” a prominent theme in my blogs. Education Discontents without moral education. Discontents enjoy it the services of herbal science without moral science. Discontents exposed to capitalism without humanism. Discontents life in civilizations without a soul because the Feeler, Doer, Thinker size of values and also valuations continue to be out the balance, and out of with of natural science. Offered the world of values and an extremely different people of facts, this can be corrected just by arising a "new" science of values to complement and also balance the "old" science of facts. The asymmetric advancement of organic science without worth science remains a tragic flaw in the personality of all human beings (i.e., all 6 of them), and their growing number of discontents!

My earlier encounter, countless years ago, with the dark side metropolitan realities (now spreading past our cities) got me thinking around values and why psychology had actually no science of worths to occupational with; never ever mind the question of clinical relevance. The subject constantly seemed too necessary to it is in left in the hands of religion and also philosophy alone. I came to believe that a scientific research of worths is the "holy grail"of mine profession, and yet my profession stays strangely silent on the subject. (I doubt anyone rather is writing and blogging about value science vs. Herbal science; or its unusual beginning in the recent convergence of psychological and philosophical thought).

Somehow the world has made it through with only spiritual and thoughtful approaches come values and morals in spite of the reality we room all detainees of ours values. Although i didn’t recognize where to rotate years ago, the moment would come once my skilled life would certainly involve pioneering, v others, one empirical, not simply theoretical, scientific research of worths that had stumped the ideal minds transparent the pages the history. I never ever imagined that someday I would certainly be blogging around this brand-new science beyond an excellent and evil which never existed no so long earlier when ns was a student, climate college professor. I"m speaking of a 2nd system of scientific research destined come balance and also restrain the half-smart, asymmetric (i.e., one sided) development of natural science!

I intend it to be my youthful interest in General Semantics (See: People in Quandries by Wendell Johnson); the society shock of new York City after the farm and also Texas; mine internship that focused on “thought styles” and also “belief systems" quite than Id, Ego, Superego, behaviorism, operant conditioning; and my treatment of World war II veterans and former detainees of battle which influenced me come take values more seriously and scientifically than many psychologists.

I"ve constantly had the society psychologist Milton Rokeach on mine side through thoughts favor "the concept of value is the many important, the very least studied, and also least understood ide in all of psychology.” Abraham Maslow finally rejected his previously speculation the the principle of value might be obsolete in psychology folliowing his exploration of Hartman"s contributions. The few academic studies of values by Allport, Rokeach, and also Kohlberg short clinical relevance so much as ns was concerned! i was a license is granted (NY, NJ, VA) and practicing clinical psychogist, without peer support. No one of them had done what I wanted to do, and there to be nothing in the liteature to suggest the science of worths was possible, relevant, or needed!

My long uncertainty over how to strategy the examine of worths in a scientific and clinically appropriate manner readjusted suddenly once serendipity, fate, destiny (or everything we speak to it) struck! It associated my rediscovery that Hartman 7 years after ~ I had actually discovered and also rejected his thory of worth as one intern. This adjusted my expert life forever. Along with former Hartman partner (Hartman died in 1973), and some of his entrepreneural students, I started in 1979 the lengthy march v them to find a scientific research of values which i am certain is the "Holy Grail" of psychology also though it was past the with of timeless psychology and old natural science.

It take it Hartman"s explorations beyond an excellent and evil to provide us the scientific research of worths in the human being that had actually a scientific research of facts! herbal science extending facts, top top this next of good and Evil, has actually existed because The period of reason (i.e., 18th Century), While the "touched" facts, herbal science got to for worths without "touching" them even as that perfected a scientific knowledge of facts. This asymmetric advancement of one scientific research without the various other (i.e., natual science without value science) blinded psychology to values. It led to it to continue to be a pre-scientific discipline; for it had always emulated herbal science; through clinical psychology adopting the medical model, and also especially the of crisis-medicine fairly preventive-medicine.

The foremost applications of our new science that values are the axiometrics or valuemetrics that The Hartman worth Profile (HVP), and also Axiological Psychology which is valuecentric cognitive psychology. This is a theory and also practice based upon Ellis" method to clincial psychology (Reason and also Emotion in Psychotherapy and also Guide to rational Living), my association v Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D. In ~ a time when he turned come the practice of psychology and also wrote The Psychology of me Esteem, philosopher Hartman"s autobiographical Freedom come Live and also Structure of Value, and also my released research sustaining Hartman"s theory and also his trial and error of values and also valuatrions (The new Science of Axiological Psychology).

Note: Wikipedia reports the "based ~ above a 1982 experienced survey the USA and Canadian psychologists, mine mentor Albert Ellis is considered the second most significant psychotherapist in history. Carl Rogers is ranked very first in the survey and also Sigmund Freud is ranked third."


** Footnote 2: Poetic definition of value Dimensions forming the Axiological Triangle, or Triaxiomatic Value-Vision, Behind every Thought-Styles:


In keeping with the old adage that anything worth saying is precious repeating, I give you Linda Niewiadomski’s poetic defnitions that the 3 dimensions of value vision, seeing-with-values, and also moral reasoning. they are incredibly important due to the fact that they room the taproots that behavior and also personality and also unlike Id, Ego, and also Superego, and also most other clincial concepts, they deserve to be quantified and also measured. Doing so returns personality profiles and also clinical diagnoses empirically validated through my released research. These main point dimensions space the simple concepts the axiological psychology (i.e., values-based, cognitive psychology) and axiological science. They space also straightforward to the brand-new field that "philosophical counseling." They constitute the alphabet that “three letters” (F,D,T) which "writes the language" the behavior, emotions, and personality. Feeler, Doer, and also Thinker orientations or mind-sets have consequences. It is the co-play and also counter-play (i.e., axiological dynamism) of these dimensions that form personality and behavior. Each measurement has "its minute in the sun" (i.e., i do not care an "executive" dimension) escape on circumstances and the context of behavior.

Poetic Induction the Feeler, Doer, Thinker Consciousness: know Your FDTs

The Feeler self (Hartman"s Intrinsic Values)

(F) Feeler value-vision is miscellaneous soft and also touchy i beg your pardon Suzy is an excellent at:

“Suzy is a feeler / Wears her heart upon she sleeve / Empathy is her center name / By your side, she’ll never ever leave!”

The Doer me (Hartman"s Extrinsic Values)

(D) Doer value-vision is action, which is other Nancy is great at:

“Nancy is always busy together a punishment / takes no time to feeling or think / she actions won’t collection her free.”

(T) The Thinker me (Hartman"s Systemic Values)

Thinker value-vision is contemplative, i beg your pardon is other Fiona is an excellent at:

“Fiona is analysis to the bone / shed in thought and questioning / She spends she time alone.”

The "trick," the goal, is to be on "friendly terms" with these "cognitive dimensions" dedicated to values and valuation together habitual self-evaluators (i.e., our FDTs or IESs)...and no be "stuck" anywhere. This comes down to discovering your FDTs and your ABCs and 123s! The previously the better! This is "preventive psychology!" This is tomorrow"s "moral education" today!



About the Author


Leon Pomeroy, Ph.D.

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, taught at George Mason University and authored The brand-new Science that Axiological Psychology.