Ralph Carter is an American singer and also actor that was nominated because that a Tony award because that his work-related in the Broadway music ”Raisin.” Carter is best known for his role in the CBS sitcom ”Good Times.”


He to be born on may 30, 1961, in new York City, brand-new York, USA, as Ralph David Carter.

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Carter made his Broadway music debut in ~ the period of 9 in ”The Me nobody Knows,” a musical about children living in low-income neighborhoods of NYC.

”I love its understanding and also compassion, and also I loved its pain and also yet additionally its unsentimental decision for hope,” wroteClive Barnes for The new York Times about the musical.

”The Me nobody Knows” was performed in the united States as well as in urban such together Johannesburg, Hamburg, Paris, London, and Tel Aviv. The musical received the Drama workdesk Award and also the Obie Award for Best brand-new Musical.


Ralph’s breakout duty came as Travis Younger in “Raisin,” a music adaptation the the Lorraine Hansberry pat ”A Raisin in the Sun.”

The story is around an African-American family members in Chicago in 1951.

”Raisin is one of those unusual musicals that have to not just delight civilization who love musicals, however might also well delight human being who don’t,” wrote Clive Barnes.

For his power in ”Raisin,” Carter winner the 1973 Drama workdesk Award for the many promising performer.

A year later, Ralph to be nominated for Broadway’s Tony compensation as ideal Supporting or Featured actor (Musical).

Good Times

From 1974 to 1979, that starred as Michael Evans (the socially conscious youngest) in ”Good Times,” a tv sitcom produced by Mike Evans and Eric Monte.

”Good Times” adheres to an African-American household in one inner-city real estate project.

It to be the very first primetime sitcom featuring an afri American family.

Other stars in great Times encompass – Ben Powers as Keith Anderson, Janet Jackson as Millicent “Penny” Gordon Woods, Johnny Brown as Nathan Bookman, Bern Nadette Stanis together Thelma Evans Anderson, Jimmie walker as James “J.J.” Evans Jr., Ja’net Dubois as Willona Woods, john Amos as James Evans, and Esther Rolle together Florida Evans.


GettySome people wonder if Ralph Carter is gay, but these suppositions are not based upon reality due to the fact that he was married 2 times and had five children.

In 1987, Carter married Lisa Parks. The pair first met at a Christmas party. They divorced in 1992.

In 1994, Ralph Carter married flow York.

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With his first wife, Ralph has actually two sons, James and Michael.

With his 2nd wife, Carter has a son called Phoenix and also two daughters, Vivica and also Jessica.

Ralph Carter – net Worth

Carter earned most of his riches from performing in 133 episodes of an excellent Times. He additionally appeared in numerous musicals and released an album (Young and in Love).

In the current day, Carter serves as the vice president of AUDELCO, one organization established in 1973 through Vivian Robinson that helps black color Americans in the theatre industry.

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Therefore, gibbs Ralph Carter has an estimated net precious of $1 million.

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