Dirty Dancing Cast: Where Are They Now? Dirty Dancing is a romantic classic that no one can forget. Here"s what the cast of this gem are up to today

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing
 Nobody can forget the classic and iconic movie Dirty Dancing. It is over 30 years old and still manages to be present in our homes once or twice a year. The movie has given us cultural impact on a global scale. The cast was an inspiration to many people back then.

We fell in love with each character and we followed their lives and their life choices, just like we today with many actors. Unfortunately, not all of them are still with us, but the rest of them are still prospering and leading successful lives. Let’s find out where are they now and what are they up to.

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 This man caused enormous sadness with his passing. He held a lot of roles and left a grand legacy which we will remember him by. The worldwide famous actor, dancer, singer, and songwriter, after accomplishing the role of Johnny Castle was even named the sexiest man alive. He stared in many classic films (Point Break, Road House, and Ghost) which took over the charts in a short matter of time.

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Unfortunately, he left this world in 2009 at the age of 57 due to pancreatic cancer. He bravely fought the illness for over 20 months but sadly failed to win his battle. Swayze remains a great actor and an even greater fighter. Lisa, Patrick’s wife opened up in the documentary about his life aptly titled “I am Patrick Swayze." She shared a lot of memories and explained the life she lived beside him. Even though he is not physically with her anymore she says he is still somehow present with her.

9 Jennifer Grey

 Jennifer gained her stardom thanks to the movie Dirty Dancing. Her role as Baby also received a Golden Globe Award nomination. Today she is a settled woman, who lives in California and is married to Clark Gregg with a teenage daughter. Before this, she even stated that her decisions in life were unfavorable and that she made some choices which an ambitious woman normally wouldn’t do.

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She had a nose job back in 1989 and thanks to it she almost lost her baby face as a result. This didn’t stop her at all, and she went on to take over roles in movies and TV shows like Bounce, Red Oaks, Ritual and many more. In the same way, she took over Dancing With The Stars Season 11 and celebrated the victory with Derek Hough.

Her character was not a fan-favorite at the beginning. She was the mean sister who was extremely annoying. However, fans started to like her after she started being nice to Baby. Brucker, who played Baby’s older sister, is a settled woman as well. She is happily married to Raul Vega, an award-winning photographer. She has two daughters, Sally and Rachel.

The role of Lisa Houseman was her most notable character when it comes to her acting career. Jane also appeared in Stealing Home, Doctor Doctor, and Bloodhounds of Broadway as extra, lesser-known roles. She also tried being a screenwriter for a while before ultimately deciding to quit.

7 Cynthia Rhodes

Cynthia Rhodes married and later divorced Richard Marx , but she is a happy mom to her three sons Lucas, Jesse, and Brandon. Rhodes left her acting career in 1991 with the movie Curse of the Crystal Eye.

She shortly focused on her music career and joined a group called Animotion but unfortunately, the band never took off. Later Rhodes co-wrote the smooth jazz track “Perfect Day” which was pleasing to the ears of every music lover. Nowadays she"s retired and enjoying life at her own pace.

After receiving major success from Dirty Dancing, Bishop continued being in the spotlight thanks to movies like Queens Logic, Miami Rhapsody, Private Parts, and Gilmore Girls. She is really the only equal to Swayze when it comes to success.

Kelly Bishop, who lives in New Jersey, is a Tony Award winner for Best Performance by a featured actress in a musical, which is quite an impressive award in the film industry. She was happily married but unfortunately, her husband Lee Leonard passed away and she remains a widow.

5 Jerry Orbach

 This legend is no longer with us as well, he passed away from prostate cancer in 2004, leaving a huge legacy behind. It is not very well known but Baby’s father is the only one who was famous before landing the role in Dirty Dancing.

After Dirty Dancing"s success he continued working as an actor. Believe it or not, he was part of Law and Order for 12 years. The mature audience loved Detective Briscoe and were impatiently waiting for the new episode each week due to him taking on a more dramatic role. At the same time, he captivated young children with his voice of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast.

The womanizer that impregnated Penny while dating Lisa is no longer with us as well. Max gained enormous fame thanks to his role in the movie. He also held a role in Fear, Anxiety and Depression two years after Dirty Dancing.

Many of his fans say he was a perfect example of fame going downhill. The choices he made were nowhere near short of controversial and he lost himself to his drug addiction. In 1991, at the age of 32, he lost his life due to drug overdose.

3 Lonny Price

To fans of Dirty Dancing, Lonny Price will always be remembered as the man that had the biggest crush on Baby. Today Lonny is still pretty famous, but not as an actor that appears onscreen.

Price is also well known as a famous director that worked on many successful TV shows and movies such as 2 Broke Girls, Desperate Housewives, Sondheim! The Birthday Concert, Sweeney Todd and many more. Price is also an Emmy winner and says that he is still very much interested in future projects.

Wayne holds the title as being the little guy with the annoying voice everyone would like to mute while watching the movie. This actor is probably the only one who modern generations can recognize because of his big portfolio.

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Knight appeared in Jurassic Park, Toy Story, Tarzan, and most popularly as Newman in Seinfeld. Today he is divorced twice, has one child, is politically active as a proud democratic member and occasionally dresses like Colonel Sanders.

1 Neal Jones

 Neal Jones has been involved in television since his appearance in the movie. He was kind of a jerk at moments because he talked badly, but fans loved him because he was a really decent and kind person.

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Law and Order, Sex and the City, Criminal Minds are part of his TV portfolio while he appeared in Mona, In America, The Devil’s Advocate, and Rome is Bleeding as well. Little is known about his personal life, he remained to be private as much as he could.