With a name favor "Pretty small Liars," girlfriend kinda know what you"re signing up for: a show about lies. (So numerous lies.) TBH, us don’t mind as soon as the Powers the Be stretch the fact here and there, however some lies are means more too much than others. And also given the show’s latest red herring, we really must vent.

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Is the too hard to ask for a small commitment? after all, we commit every single Tuesday night to you, "PLL." and also we’d like a small respect in return. Or, girlfriend know, some freakin" honesty every as soon as in awhile. At least it looks like the writers space sticking come the "Charles is A" reveal. If just we knew who this Charles was, amirite?

So, to help you pass the moment while girlfriend wait three long months for "Pretty tiny Liars" come return v season six, we"ve decided to round up the greatest lies the show has ever before told. Let"s take a stroll under memory lane, shall we?

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LOL. We’re going straight to the jugular through this one. Remember as soon as we believed Ali to be dead for four seasons? and also then it turned out that she faked her fatality to walk on the lam indigenous A? because that’s what any kind of reasonable 16-year-old would certainly do, obviously. Don’t get us wrong. Ali’s return in the season 4 finale -- and the epic, "did you miss out on me?" gif it gave us -- to be satisfying AF. Yet did the Powers that Be really have to continually lie to our faces about it for years? #Rude.

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In the season 5 midseason finale, A “killed” Mona. We also saw A stash her body in the back of his trunk! The camera zoomed in to display us she bloody, DEAD face!! but Mona was no dead. She confirmed up in the season 5 finale totally effing fine. We understand Mona planned to fake her death, yet was A’s assault real? who knows. But it would have been nice to watch the writers ultimately commit to a large death. Ns love Mona. She’s an great character, and also a small component of me is happy she’s back. At the very same time, however, i’m mad in ~ the writers for having actually their cake and also eating it too. A keep in mind to all of the fair-weather “PLL” fans: even if you see a bloody human body in the ago of a trunk, the writers will certainly still uncover a method to lug them back to life.

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Toby"s "tragic" betrayal as A is by far the greatest reveals the present has ever produced. That moment in the season 2 midseason finale where he turned around and also we saw him in the black color hoodie still offers me shivers. But the delight was short-lived since Toby wasn’t actually A. He had actually joined the A team to defend Spencer (aww) and also to gather info on the large Bad. Us guess that’s somewhat redeemable.

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It to be too good to be true. In the season 4 midseason finale, Ezra is revealed to it is in A -- or, girlfriend know, a creepy stalker. And it was great. Ian Harding relished in the negative guy role, we ultimately had one excuse to dislike on Ezria and also it was funny to think the A had been right there, under our noses, all along. (Sorry, Charles, but it’s TRUE.) the course, "PLL" ceo Marlene King and co. Went and pulled yet an additional fast one top top us. Ezra wasn’t A! he was simply stalking the Liars because that "research." he was composing a true crime novel (LOL) top top Ali’s disappearance and also therefore, spied ~ above her ideal friends, who just so taken place to it is in his students. Oh, and also then he hooked up with among them and started a relationship with her. Clearly, Ezra isn’t shady at all. Burn me once, dead on you, "PLL." Burn me twice, shame on me.

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We’re quiet not totally sure exactly how Radley patient Bethany Young fits right into the seedy haps in Rosewood, but we recognize her fatality has other to carry out with A. The Liars an initial started come unravel the Bethany secret in season four, and also it looked prefer Spencer might have been the one to placed Bethany in she grave. Long story short: Bethany to be the girl uncovered in Ali’s grave, and Spencer, high top top the power pills she had actually been taking, was caught red-handed by Mrs. DiLaurentis through a muddy shovel on the night Ali “disappeared.” that course, Mrs. D. Knew the truth: she to be the one who hidden Ali after someone -- maybe Charles -- fight Ali ~ above the head v a rock. But she had no idea Mrs. Grunwald conserved Ali from her shallow grave. So TL;DR: Mrs. DiLaurentis plan to pin Ali’s killing on Spencer... Until she finished up dead. The turned the end Spencer had actually nothing to perform with Bathany’s murder. It was she sister Melissa that accidentally hidden Bethany alive, thinking Spence had actually killed her through the shovel.

Okay, so maybe Ian is really dead, but he didn’t die in the bell tower like "Pretty small Liars" had actually us believe. After ~ he to be left literally hanging in the bell tower in season one, the Liars believed he was dead. However nope. He proved up (out the nowhere, BTW) in season two, only to be uncovered dead -- for actual this time -- in a barn episodes later. At first, that looked prefer a suicide, however we"re pretty sure A play a component in Ian"s demise. I m really sorry Ian, yet it"s not like we to be sad to check out you walk (again).

Remember once we all believed Ezra to be a DILF for a warm second? His ex-boo Maggie came ago to Rosewood in season four and also dropped a bombshell top top him: he to be daddy. Apparently, Mrs. Fitz paid Maggie to skip town once she found out she to be pregnant. She didn"t want a infant distracting her child from his promise career... As a high institution teacher. It to be kinda cute to watch Ezra bond with Malcolm. But the joy didn"t last. After ~ a DNA test verified Malcolm wasn"t his, Maggie confessed to gaining drunk one night and sleeping through someone else. Ouch!

Way back in season three, Spencer joined the A team. Why? since she had actually been pushed slightly foolish by Toby’s betrayal and subsequent “death,” for this reason she made decision to check out what this A team was all about. And also take A down from the inside, obviously. Us didn"t know at the time that she allegiance come A was just a ploy to aid the Liars, so because that a couple of glorious weeks, we thought among our own had actually gone over to the dArk next -- until King and co. Eliminated our dreams. Yet one more A disclose fake-out. Expect does each other eternal misery after ~ all, Spence.

Surprise! Melissa Hastings was never pregnant with Ian"s baby. She to be sadly blackmailed by A come fake the whole thing. It was later on revealed the Melissa actually was pregnant the summer Ali go missing. She and Ian had gone come Cape may to have an abortion, but she lost the baby before they even got there.

Toby had constantly believed his mom committed self-destruction in Radley, yet in season four he uncovered a document that proved otherwise. Marion Cavanaugh was in reality in a pretty great place simply days prior to her death, telling her therapist that she intended to repay everyone who ever before helped her. ~ above his discovery, Toby climate made a deal with the devil (yes, A) come get much more evidence. And also in season five, Spencer and also Aria found that Bethany Young attracted a picture of a mrs falling turn off a building, which method Bethany certainly knew something around the incident. Marion"s death is still a mystery, yet I think we deserve to all agree it wasn"t one accident.

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Okay, so possibly this one is a half-truth. Jenna might be blind now, but means back in season three, she was just a biotch that was faking she blindness. She eye surgical procedure was, in fact, successful -- however not permanent. She had actually the entire school wrapped approximately her pretty little finger, however the Liars saw past the shade of that all. (Pun intended.)