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LG"s new WashTower ad Campaign Will have You Dancing through Laundry Day

"Baby, I gained Your Laundry" offers Viewers a reason to run - and a chance to it is in Featured ~ above LG"s time Square Billboard


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., Nov. 18, 2020 / -- LG electronic devices USA is make laundry everyone"s favorite family members chore with a new advertising project celebrating the revolutionary LG WashTower™ – the smart, single-unit equipment that renders laundry day simpler than ever. With nationwide television advertising running now through mid-December, the spot follows three distinctive personas as they display off their redesigned spaces and also style while they dance v laundry day through the help of LG WashTower.

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LG electronic devices USA is make laundry anyone favorite family members chore v a new advertising campaign celebrating the revolutionary LG WashTower™ – the smart, single-unit systems that provides laundry day simpler than ever.

Each character"s to wash routines are carried to life through a remix of the nostalgic "90s Hip-Hop classic, "Got her Money" – currently "Baby I obtained Your Laundry" – as they showcase exactly how LG WashTower renders washing garments easy and fun. V the ability to handle ultra-large loads while acquisition up fifty percent the floor space1 along v convenient controls and also built-in intelligence for customized cleaning, LG WashTower reinvents laundry day and also laundry rooms all over – giving human being a factor to run in celebration.

Celebrities like Terrence J, Anthony Anderson, Alfonso Ribeiro, Molly Sims, and Christian Siriano, together with TikTok sensations Sheri Easterling and more are likewise joining the fun by showing their fans on society media exactly how they dance their means through laundry day. Through the extra time and an are WashTower affords, the convenience of a sleek center Control™ panel perfectly positioned at the appropriate height, and progressed performance, everyone have the right to confidently handle laundry day discovering LG has their demands covered.

"With our new marketing campaign, we desire to show civilization how to make laundry work fun and easier v the appropriate laundry solution. V LG WashTower, households can redefine both their space and their program to do laundry much less of a chore," noted Peggy Ang, head that marketing in ~ LG Electronics USA.

To join the fun, viewers can develop their very own rendition of the ad with their encounters swapped onto among the characters, making the a perfect clip to share v friends. Viewers deserve to visit, select their favorite laundry room scene and also create a practice video. Those that share their video on society media with the tags #BabyIGotYourLaundry, #LGSweepstakes and also
will certainly be gotten in for a chance to have actually their personalized clip featured top top LG"s gigantic billboard in new York City"s times Square and take residence their very own LG WashTower.3

All You desire in half the Floor space — No step Stool necessary Full-size and fully featured, with the washer top top the bottom and dryer ~ above top, the sleek solitary unit LG WashTower bring away up fifty percent the space,1 giving you room to include a sink, a urgently table or everything you like. Only LG WashTower has actually the convenient center Control panel that"s perfect positioned through both washer and also dryer controls in the middle so it"s basic to reach. Usual stacked pairs location controls at the an extremely top of every machine, do the dryer buttons hard to see and reach without using a step stool.

Built-in intelligence Takes the end the Guesswork LG WashTower takes the end the guesswork with built-in intelligence that uses sensors to detect cloth texture and also load size, and also then instantly selects the best wash motions and temperatures much more for an accurate fabric care. And it gets smarter: WashTower will also learn your desired settings and collection your right wash temperature, rotate speed, or dry level. Through Smart Pairing™, the washer can also tell the dryer the appropriate compatible dry cycle.

Get It all Done less Time Ultra-large volume fits an ext clothes in every load and helps you overcome laundry day faster. LG TurboWash™ 360° strength through larger laundry loads in much less time, thanks to 5 jets with variable sprays that supply a finish clean in under 30 minutes.2 through 4.5 cubic feet in the washer and 7.4 cubic feet in the dryer, the fits big loads of towels, jeans, or a king-size comforter.

Peace the Mind built-in LG WashTower owners will enjoy greater peace that mind v LG Proactive customer Care. The industry-first personalized customer assistance tool provides customized maintenance tips, monthly consumption reports to save appliances performing their best, and also alerts that warn that potential issues before they arise – in ~ no additional cost.

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"LG" and the LG logo design are trademarks the LG Corp. Other firm and product names may be trademarks the their particular owners.

1 fifty percent the practical floor space. 2Based ~ above independent testing comparing models WKEX200/WKGX201 and WM3900 in typical cycle with TurboWash™ option, 10 lb. Load (June 2020). 3No acquisition necessary. Sweepstakes rules: