Morgan Shepherd is the oldest NASCAR driver; the is currently semi-retired from the sport and also currently 78 years old. He is the owner the his own race team, the Shepherd gyeongju Ventures and has London Cassill as his full-time diver. The last time Shepherd contended was in the NASCAR Xfinity collection in 2019 driving a #89 Chevy Camaro on behalf of his team.

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Racing Career

Morgan Shepherd was born October 12, 1941 in Ferguson phibìc Carolina. His gyeongju career began in 1967 when he began racing at the Hickory engine Speedway. This track was near his house and is whereby Shepherd started to make a surname for himself. Although he was quick on the track, he also had his same share the crashes together well. Over the course of the next year Shepherd would certainly go on to victory 21 the end of the 29 gyeongju he participated in. It would take time, yet eventually in 1975 Shepherd contended in his first NASCAR race. Shepherd has had actually a lengthy career and history within the sport, the 2019 season to be his 52nd season racing and also he remains among the couple of people come both very own a NASCAR team while also competing together a driver.

Shepherd still plans to proceed to take part in NASCAR racing because that as lengthy as he can. Exterior of the sports of NASCAR Shepherd has actually famously choose up roller skating which he have the right to be watched skating roughly after races. Shepherd is likewise passionate about giving ago and his racing team operation a effective charity, The Morgan Shepherd charity Fund. This routine was established back in 1986 to assist disabled and also hadicapped adults in America find jobs and also teach beneficial daily skills.

Racing Accomplishments

Shepherd has actually left his legacy on the sports of NASCAR setup many records and dominating because that so many years. Few of the records Shepherd has collection include:

Oldest Driver to complete the acceleration Cup race (2014, 72 year old)517 races operation in end 29 year (NASCAR Cup Series)453 Races operation in end 33 year (NASCAR Xfinity Series)1980 NASCAR Late version Sportsman department Champion 2nd Oldest gyeongju Winner after ~ winning the Spring gyeongju in Atlanta in 1993 completed for 52 seasons 2005 NMPA (National Motorsport push Association) male of the Year

Other noteworthy Older NASCAR Drivers

Besides Morgan Shepherd there are a couple other older drivers who have actually their own legacy within the sport. Harry Grant, otherwise recognized as "Handsome Harry," is the just NASCAR driver to be older 보다 Shepherd and start a race. Transparent his job is the was famous for the racing the #33 Skoal Bandit car. Mark Thompson is one more older race vehicle driver, together he turned 68 year old in 2020.

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If he has been racing because that the bulk of his life, he has actually only been racing within NASCAR for the last 7 years. He currently drives auto #13 because that MBM Motorsports.