Who is the most difficult NBA player ever? The peak 10 heaviest football player in history with your weight in pounds and kilograms


A physics sport like the NBA requires players through a hefty structure, v a significant impact top top the game and on the opponents. Yet what happens when the load goes beyond the limits?

Today we find the optimal 10 that the heaviest NBA football player in history: those who have actually lost regulate of their bodies and also those who have made their weight a an enig weapon.

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Who is the heaviest NBA player all-time?

10. Gheorghe Muresan

Weight: 137 Kilograms (302 Pounds)

Gheorghe Muresan has become famous for his height: he is the tallest NBA player ever, v 231 centimeters in height.

The Romanian NBA star played for two different teams in a career of just 6 years and also in 1995-96 he won the Most boosted Player award.

Despite his good enthusiasm and also dedication, he had actually to protect against soon both due to the fact that of the physical problems due to his stature, and because he experienced from a pituitary gland disorder the did not allow him to proceed his career.

9. Dexter Pittman

Weight: 139 Kilograms (306 Pounds)

Dexter Pittman’s job started full of expectations. That played because that the university of Texas, later on represented Virtus Bologna and also was a consistent member of terry High school for three years.

After being the Miami Heat’s 32nd pick in the 2010 NBA draft, his career never took off.

His weight problems did not permit him to clear up on any type of team. V an median of just 2.3 points and also 1.8 rebounds per game, he went native team to team and left the NBA after simply 5 years.

8. Mengke Bateer, 141Kg

Weight: 141 Kilograms (310 Pounds)

The good Mongolian guy who played for China involved USA complying with the footsteps the players choose Wang Zhi Zhi and also Yao Ming.

Bateer was among the ideal players in China, but when he arrived in the joined States, he realized the technical gap. The language and social barrier wasn’t the just thing Bateer had to overcome, the NBA video game was just too different and also advanced.

Mengke Bateer just played 3 year in the NBA, with very couple of appearances and also as numerous satisfactions.

7. Yao Ming, 141Kg

Weight: 141 Kilograms (310 Pounds)

Yao Ming’s 229cm high earned him 5th place in the ranking the the tallest NBA players ever, but additionally 7th location for the most difficult players.

His 141kg has caused him a lot of physical troubles (especially his feet) over the food of his career, however he still controlled to have an extraordinary, but short, career.

In his 8 year at the Rockets, he had an typical of 19 points every game, earning a respectable point out on the All-Star team 8 times and also the All-NBA team 5 times. Yao is also the best oriental player to ever hit the NBA stage.

VIDEO: Yao Ming’s best plays

6. Robert Traylor

Weight: 145 Kilograms (319 Pounds)

Robert “Tractor” Traylor join the NBA as the sixth pick in the 1998 Draft. Expectation of him to be so high: he to be picked prior to players choose Dirk Nowitzki and also Paul Pierce.

Unfortunately, he was never able to come to be the Baby Shaq that plenty of thought he might become. Once he acquired into the NBA his weight got out of control and also he finished up playing just 7 seasons averaging just 4.8 points and also 3.7 rebounds per game.

5. Kevin Duckworth

Weight: 145 Kilograms (319 Pounds)

Kevin Duckworth is the fifth heaviest NBA player ever, in ~ 147kg.

In his 12-year NBA career, at the rotate of the 90s, “Duck” was double All Star and won the Most boosted Player in the 87-88 season. That played because that the Spurs, follow Blazers, Bullets (now Wizards), Bucks and Clippers, even earning a few minutes in the 1992 Finals versus Jordan’s Bulls as soon as he was playing in Portland.

As long as he managed to save the weight under 130kg he constantly managed to it is in a really effective player: in his 5th year in the league, he average 18.1 points and also 8.0 rebounds per game.

However, as he got older, he started to get weight and, together a result, short the quickness to it is in the danger under the basket he had actually made himself recognized for.

4. Michael Sweetney, 158 Kg

Weight: 158 Kilograms (348 Pounds)

In fourth place we find Michael Sweetney v 158kg.

His career in the NBA lasted simply 5 years. There were high expectations: he was picked through the Knicks with the ninth pick in the infamous 2003 Draft with the target of pass a little bit of grit and tenacity come the team.

But Sweetney quickly turned the end to be a flop and, after simply two seasons, he joined the Chicago Bulls, where he played another two years before exiting the NBA orbit.

3. Eddy Curry, 159 Kg

Weight: 159 Kilograms (350 Pounds)

Called infant Shaq, Eddy Curry is another good NBA player to be component of the heaviest ever.

The Chicago Bulls take it him directly from high college with their 4th pick in the 2001 draft and the start was promising: in the 2nd year Eddy Curry was the league leader by percent from the field.

In his fourth season through the Bulls, he average 16.1 points per game and also 5.4 rebounds per game while in his saturday season, he to be averaging 19.5 points per game and also 7.0 rebounds per video game for the new York Knicks. Curry was a actual offensive threat.

However, in his tenth season in the league, he was already showing indicators of obesity: he was acquiring heavier and also heavier and also he can no much longer keep the rapidity that was used to.

He for this reason reached 159 kg and despite various attempts to shed weight, that never managed to get earlier in perfect form by abandoning his career because of excessive obesity.

2. Shaquille O’Neal

Weight: 163 Kilograms (359 Pounds)

Shaquille O’Neal

Second place for Shaq, with 163kg by 216cm in height.

He joined the NBA in 1992 at only 133kg and verified to be an immediate phenomenon: tall, muscular and super athletic. His transformation began through his come in Los Angeles.

After his an initial title v the Lakers in 2002, O’Neal got to 155kg because of his laziness in training, an facet that irritated his teammate Kobe Bryant, that is often vital of him.

Shaq loved basketball, but not like Kobe did. He had other off-season understanding besides playing basketball. Despite this, Shaq was able to stay healthy and balanced for most of his job by close up door it only after a significant Achilles tendon injury.

VIDEO: Shaq’s finest plays

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1. Oliver Miller

Weight: 170 Kilograms (375 Pounds)

The heaviest NBA player ever is Oliver Miller, v 170 kilograms. Miller play in the organization from 1992 come 1998 and also returned because that the 2003-2004 season.

When he entered the NBA, müller weighed only 120kg but throughout his career he steadily accumulated weight. In his 18-year career, he alters teams nearly every season, interspersing the NBA with various other leagues around the world. Miller played 9 NBA periods for a full of 493 games and a allude average that 7.4.

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The latest news about him dates ago to 2012, when he to be sentenced come one year in jail for having actually frightened a man who harassed him throughout a barbecue.

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