Ola Ray ended up being a component of music background when she appeared alongside Michael Jackson in his 1983 music video for "Thriller."

The former Playboy Playmate to win out hundreds of women hope to be cast in the quick film musical that came to be a sensation on MTV.

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However, life post-“Thriller” didn’t go so smoothly for Ray. In 2002,PEOPLE Magazinerevealed the after the "Thriller" video clip was released she stopped working since she refused to provide “sexual favors” to producers.

More 보다 three decades later, a photo of the currently 56-year-old Ray has actually been uncovered byCloser Weeklyfrom her facebook page. She has usually remained out of the general public eye because her "80s fame.

Ray additionally struggled v drugs. Civilization Magazine included that aftershe was charged in 1992for cocaine possession, she agreed to spend nine months in a therapy facility. At period 41, Ray claimed she to be “clean.”

But Ray’s troubles didn’t finish there. She filed a lawsuit versus Jackson’s heritage in might 2009, i m sorry was simply a month after ~ he died suddenly at the period of 50. Ray claimed that because that years she wasn’t appropriately compensated for her involvement in the now-iconic music video.

“She just wants to get her fair share of payment from this exceptionally successful job that she’s really proud of,” said her lawyer Jason Feldman to theNew York everyday Newsat the time. "She did obtain some payments at an early stage on, however we don’t believe they were complete, and also they were never ever timely.”

Feldman also added that a Jackson attorney supposedly paid an unspecified sum to ray in 1988, but the payments had due to the fact that fallen short. At the time, beam was living far from the spotlight in Sacramento, Calif., as a stay-at-home mom to she 14-year-old daughter.

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In 2013TMZreported that beam allegedly resolved her lawsuit through the estate and also earned a reported $55,000 with $20,000 walk to her lawyer. That exact same year, she exit a song dedicated to Jackson called"Remember."

Despite the setbacks she challenged after “Thriller,” beam still seemed grateful because that the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“I didn’t understand that ns was walk to be a part of history,”she stated in 2009. “But that’s the means it turned out, and I’m thankful.”

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