Heineken has actually released a No Time come Die commercial featuring Daniel Craig. Watch the video clip and find out what Daniel wears and also where that is filmed.

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The brand-new campaign was emerged by Publicis Italy, and plays with the delays of the release of No Time to Die. Craig carefully pours a Heineken beer and after tasting it, he says “Well precious the wait.”


Watch the video:

Besides the reference to the link movie delay, over there is also a brand-new research by Heineken’s that beer is better after wait a bit. Heineken lugged out a real-world experiment where it experiment 115 people. Each were listed with a cold Heineken or the brand"s non-alcoholic option, following a wait of between zero and 30 minutes. The study uncovered that those who waited 20 minutes had the highest possible levels the satisfaction.

Bram Westenbrink, an international head the the Heineken brand, commented: “Heineken has been a proud companion of James link films because 1997. So, prefer all link fans, we likewise can’t wait because that No Time To dice to hit cinemas. The said, we think some things really are worth waiting for. And now we can prove it. Even if it is it’s one ice-cold Heineken or an action-packed blockbuster – the best things important do concerned those that wait.”

Location: The Campbell, Grand central Station, new York

The commercial was filmed in the Campbell Bar. An iconic brand-new York school in Grand central Station, which to be recently completely renovated.


The bar"s an option of standard and modern cocktails, the highlight new ingredients, wines and also locally brewed craft beers, space complemented by a menu of elevated bar fare and also lunch specialties, including tiny plates, soups, salads and also sandwiches.

The bar is situated on the balcony level. Entrance at 15 Vanderbilt path or indigenous the elevator top top the Oyster Bar Ramp.


In the commercial,Daniel Craig is attract a black optimal lapel tuxedo with 4 switch cuff, a white Marcella dress shirt, what looks prefer a pair that Deakin & Francis silver- oval enamel cufflinks and the Omega Seamaster 300 No Time To die watch (also worn by link in No Time come Die) through mesh strap.


Previous No Time To die Heineken commercials

Heineken currently launched other commercials in 2020 special Daniel Craig more obviously together a James Bond personality in this long commercial and a short commercial for the Heineken 0.0 alcohol free beer in ~ a bar.

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Heineken is a companion of James Bond because Tomorrow never Dies (1997) and Heineken party will also be spotted in the movie No Time to Die.