Obviously we"ll miss Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, but we can"t forget around the remarkable Nancy Travis as his loyal and also loving wife, Vanessa Baxter. Since the very very first episode the Last male Standing, the Baxter family matriarch has actually proved it s her to be a perfect foil for she husband"s politically incorrect humor and also antics. Plus, she"s a dedicated mother to the couple"s 3 daughters, Kristin, Mandy, and Eve. Did we mention she"s also an accomplished geologist? Is there anything Vanessa can"t do?

While friend soak increase every last moment of Last guy Standing prior to the final episode airs sometime in May, gain to know the actress that plays Mike Baxter"s wife by reading these fun facts about Nancy Travis.

Nancy has been married for an ext than 25 years.

Since 1994, Nancy has been married to Robert N. Fried, a film producer and studio executive who has developed movies such as Rudy and Hoosiers. That"s more than 25 years of wedded bliss, i m sorry is certainly hard to come by as much as Hollywood marital relationships go.

In the at an early stage years of her acting career, Nancy recalls the her "game plan, basically, was to systematically it is in Meryl Streep.”


“What ns didn’t incorporate in my initial game plan were the compromises that I would make follow me the method to basically have everything, if that makes any kind of sense," she claimed in one interview through The Columbus Dispatch.

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"I knew I wanted to have actually a family. Ns knew I want to have actually a marriage and hopefully have actually it be the just marriage.”

While Nancy admits she might not be Meryl Streep (there deserve to only be one, after all), she"s definitely achieved her goal of having actually a happy marriage and also family!

She’s a mom of two kids.

Nancy and also Robert have two children together, boy Benjamin (born in 1998) and Jeremy (born in 2001).


When it concerns family life, Nancy is a lot like her personality on Last man Standing.

“I’m usually a traditionalist,” Nancy called The Columbus Dispatch. “I prefer to chef dinner; I favor to be v my kids." for this reason sweet!

Nancy’s remained in a most other famous movies and shows.

Nancy is just one of those timeless actresses who"s remained in many movies and shows. Because that starters, the 1987 fight comedy Three Men and Baby is one of her most famous films and additionally where she acquired her big break in Hollywood. In the movie, Nancy played Sylvia Bennington, Ted Danson"s former flame and the mom of the titular baby. (Side note: Imagine kicking off your career together not just a young Ted Danson but a young Tom Selleck, too. We"re not swooning, you"re swooning!)



Unfortunately the sounds like Nancy won"t be returning to The Kominsky Method for the last season. Per TVLine, Nancy was supposedly "unable to reprise her role as divorcée/acting college student Lisa, because of scheduling problems with Last man Standing"s very own farewell run." top top the show, which complies with Michael Douglas as revered Hollywood exhilaration coach Sandy Kominsky, Nancy played a recent divorcée that took lessons native Sandy and also went on to end up being his love interest. Nancy was great on this show, too, but we"re happy she"s sticking with Last guy Standing "til the end.

No, Nancy Travis isn"t related to Randy Travis.

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Since Nancy and country singer-songwriter Randy Travis share the exact same last name, fans have regularly wondered if the 2 stars space married or related. But we did part digging and also it turns out there"s no connection—other 보다 the fact that they"re both supervisor talented!

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