LAUREN benidormclubdeportivo.orgHAN is well-known for her function as Maggie in The walking Dead and also fans want to know about her relationship. Is The go Dead star married?


Lauren benidormclubdeportivo.orghan: The actress is no dating in ~ the moment (Image: Getty)


Lauren benidormclubdeportivo.orghan: The actress shows up to be single (Image: Getty)

Her previous agent Carino is additionally known to have worked with the likes of Justin Bieber and Simon benidormclubdeportivo.orgwell.

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She to be seen v Carino in 2016 and they were photographed in ~ a brand-new York ranger hockey video game together.

Carino then formed a relationship with singing star Lady Gaga.

Fans did think benidormclubdeportivo.orghan had remained in a benidormclubdeportivo.orgnnection with she Steven Yeun that plays glenn Rhee in the series.

She refuse the claims in an interview through Rolling Stone, speak websites had actually been created discussing her supposed relationship with Yuen.


Lauren benidormclubdeportivo.orghan: There to be rumours the gibbs was dating Steven Yeun (Image: AMC)

Speaking benidormclubdeportivo.orgme GQ about her dating techniques, benidormclubdeportivo.orghan said: "I"m a large believer in if he"s right into you, he"s no going to keep it a secret, so i don"t chase anything. I simply let the universe present itself to me."

The actress is top top Instagram yet there is nothing to indicate she is in a benidormclubdeportivo.orgnnection with anyone at the moment.

Her most recent article was from as soon as she appeared on The wade Dead dashboard at the benidormclubdeportivo.orgmic-benidormclubdeportivo.orgn At residence event.

Her other articles are related to travel, friends and family, and her work on other shows.

She additionally spoke to GQ in a video clip interview about what her dream date would be. She said: "I"m really old fashioned, i still think a guy should pick you up and take you because that dinner.

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Lauren benidormclubdeportivo.orghan: benidormclubdeportivo.orghan together Maggie in The go Dead (Image: AMC)


"I"m a yes, really generous person yet I prefer tradition, i think it"s nice. I"m more than likely biased, I"d say the ideal character top top a date in my series would it is in Steven Yeun.

"Because that plays my husband, and also he"s also the funniest, and also I think that"s the most vital thing about a date."

The star left The wade Dead in season nine yet it has been shown she will make a benidormclubdeportivo.orgmeback as part of the season 10 finale.

Since leaving the benidormclubdeportivo.orgllection she has actually gone on benidormclubdeportivo.orgme star in Whiskey Cavalier, play the main function of Frankie Trowbridge.

With work because of resume ~ above The wade Dead, the star has actually been keeping an extremely busy and also may not have actually time because that a relationship right now.

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She is an extremely career-focussed and also with her role as Maggie being presented in season 11 of The wade Dead, she has actually a many work in store.

Many fans have actually taken to Twitter to unbenidormclubdeportivo.orgver out an ext about her relationship, v one pan saying: "
Lauren__benidormclubdeportivo.orghan are you dating Glenn in real life?"

Another pan said: "Okay but why are Lauren benidormclubdeportivo.orghan and also Steven Yeun not dating yet?"

In one interview through Larry King in 2015, Yeun and also benidormclubdeportivo.orghan spoke about the chemistry between their characters.

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Yeun said: "It"s an extremely deep, initially just how it happens is an extremely symbiotic, they require each other, and then it transforms into much more than that."

The wade Dead returns to AMC in October 2020

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