The purpose of the Olympics is to hold together athletes from about the people to develop a mutual playing field constructed in the spirit of friendship and also solidarity. In 1992, 2 American rivals came together, arising a lasting partnership that ultimately led to marriage.

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Gold medalist number skater Kristi Yamaguchi, and ice hockey player Bret Hedican built one unbreakable bond the is as strong today together it to be so many years ago.

Kristi Yamaguchi’s beforehand career


Kristi Yamaguchi | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

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Yamaguchi is a two-time civilization champion figure skater. In 1992, she winner the mind of the country by winning an Olympic yellow medal. No American had actually taken house gold in the Ladies’ Singles department since 1976 once Dorothy Hamill captivated our hearts.

Born with clubbed feet, Yamaguchi started ice skating in ~ the period of 6 together a form of physical therapy. She easily progressed in the sport, and also in 1988 won in both the singles and pairs division at the Junior civilization Championships.

The figure skating neighborhood took notice of the 5-foot, 93-pound skater and in 1989 she relocated away from she hometown that California come train in Canada.

According to, Christy Ness coached the fourth-generation Japanese-American ice dancer to yellow medal victory in 1992. Soon thereafter, Yamaguchi determined to stop competing and spent the following ten years touring professionally through Stars top top Ice.

Kristi Yamaguchi’s success off the ice

Yamaguchi revealed in one interview with Working Mother magazine the ice skating to be an emotional outlet for her, referring to it as her “safe haven” whereby she could freely refer herself. Turn off the ice, Yamaguchi has operated hard to find an imaginative forms the self-expression.

She has actually written 4 books, developed a fitness video, and also tried her hand in ~ acting. In 1996, Yamaguchi developed the constantly Dream Foundation, a non-profit that supports underprivileged kids. The room of call inductee has stayed connected to the Olympic community, functioning as a Goodwill Ambassador at the 2002 Winter Games and also again in 2010 together a special NBC Today correspondent throughout the Vancouver games

In 2008, she competed on Dancing with the Stars and took house the Season 6 mirror sphere trophy v partner mark Ballas.

The previous gold medalist told functioning Mothemagazine: “I learned to put 100 percent right into what you’re doing. I learned about setting goals because that yourself, learning where you want to be, and also taking tiny steps in the direction of those goals.”

NHL player Bret Hedican

Hedican was component of the united state Men’s Olympic Hockey Team, contending in both the 1992 and also 2006 winter games. The St. Paul, Minnesota native started playing experienced hockey in 1991 because that the St. Luigi Blues. He then went on come play because that the Vancouver Canucks, Florida Panthers, and also Carolina Hurricanes.

He ended his effective 17-year NHL career through the Anaheim duck in 2009, once he officially announced his retirement after playing 1,039 gamings in the league. The defenseman, who won the Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes in 2006, go on come broadcasting where he came to be an analyst for the san Jose Sharks.

From 2010 to 2014, Hedican worked with the USA Women’s national Team helping to construct future Olympians. In 2014, Hedican invested one million dollars in RosterBot, a start-up digital sports management company. 

The couple first met in 1992 on a cold night in Albertville, France. They to be both representing your American groups in the Olympic Winter Games. Yamaguchi told USA Today the she and teammate Nancy Kerrigan were introducing themselves to various other athletes as they waited because that the opened ceremonies come start.

She summary talked v Hedican and then redirected her focus on to win the gold. Number of years later, the couple met again in ~ an opening for a brand-new Vancouver ice arena. Shortly after that, Yamaguchi attended among his hockey games with the mountain Jose Sharks.

According come the functioning Mother interview, their very first date to be for ice cream cream after that game.

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They started dating amidst their busy take trip schedules and in 2000, the pair married. Yamaguchi called USA Today, “I guess you could say the 1992 in Albertville to be a pretty an excellent experience because that me.”