“I love being Aunt Kellie and that is perfect because that me,” the American Idol alum, 34, specifically told Us Weekly ~ above Thursday, august 6, while fostering Hallmark’s Shoebox collection at Walmart throughout a game of “Quarantine Confessions.” The singer joked that she essential “another drink” come consider broadening her family, asking if the coronavirus baby boom is “really a thing.”

The phibìc Carolina native wed her husband, Kyle Jacobs, in 2011 in Antigua. Eight years later, Pickler solely told Us the they to be loving life v their “two little little puppies,” adding, “We’re dog parents because that now.”

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The “Red High Heels” singer also had a pet cat, however gave up Pickles because of her husband’s “severe” allergies.

uncover a good home,” Pickler called Parade in January 2012. “I still obtain a small teary-eyed as soon as I think around Pickles, a people pleaser. I desire everybody to be happy. I want everybody to prefer me and I desire to choose everybody.”

The Pickler & Ben alum walk on come say the she felt “so blessed” to have actually married her “best friend.” She called the outlet at the time: “He is the finest husband I ever had — involved think the it, he is the just husband I’ve ever before had! however on a serious note, he is the prize. I don’t know why he picked me, however I’m happy he did.”

The country singer is additionally a large fan of Hallmark’s collection, informing Us ~ above Thursday: “I constantly thought that sending out a letter or sending a map to someone it’s just so much more meaningful than an e-mail or a message message. … It’s something the you have that’s tangible and also it’s personal. I feel like this is prefer the perfect time when everybody’s grounding at home during quarantine to get back into that habit. It helps the postal business keep their jobs.”

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