Juanita Bynum

Juanita Bynum Biography

Juanita Bynum is one American Pentecostal televangelist, preacher, prophetess, author, actress and also gospel singer. She to be born on January 16, 1959, in Chicago, Illinois, the United says to cutting board Bynum Sr. And Katherine Bynum. She to be born and raised in Chicago.

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Juanita is additionally the CEO the Juanita Bynum Enterprises, a multi-faced lifestyle and empowerment product based in brand-new York.

Bynum join Saints Academy High college of the Church the God in Christ in Lexington, Kentucky. She received many starring roles in college productions consisting of My fair Lady. Juanita to be a member that the High School national Who’s who program.

She attended services at St. Luke Church the God in Christ. ~ Juanita i graduated from high school, she started preaching in surrounding churches and at revivals.

In 1996, Bishop T.D. Jakes invite her to attend one of his singles’ conferences. However, Bynum rose from attendee to speaker in two years. In 1997, she released “No an ext Sheets,” a video clip and audiotape collection about she changed spiritual lifestyle.

Later, in July 1999, Bynum re-preached “No an ext Sheets” in ~ T.D. Jakes’ 52,000 attendee Woman, Thou art Loosed! Conference in Atlanta.


She then began featuring consistently on the Trinity broadcasting Network. The conference was regarded in many parts the the world

In 2000, she teach a class on the subjects of character, submission and also time administration at new Greater Bethel ministries in Jamaica. This course was attend by a class of roughly 70 women.

As she to be teaching, her Women’s tools of power Conference remained in the early stages the planning. The weapons of strength conference was hosted yearly until 2006.

Bynum is a record Artist, worldwide Empowerment Lecturer, Author, Conference Host, and also Entrepreneur. She now serves as the chairman of Juanita Bynum Ministries and CEO of Juanita Bynum Enterprises, v headquarters in new York City.

After attending T.D.Jakes conferences, she came to be a an international voice in ministry. Her ministry work has grown come music, literary works, television, and others.

Juanita Bynum’s photo

Juanita Bynum Age

Bynum is 62 year old as of 2021. She was born on January 16, 1959, in Chicago, the joined States.

Juanita Bynum Husband

She an initial got married throughout the beforehand ’80s. However, the relationship did no last long as she filed a divorce. Bynum to be then married again native 2002 – 2008. Similarly, this concerned an end after she husband pleaded guilty to aggravated attack charges.

During an interview in a Morning show, Atlanta-based radio program, Juanita said the V-103 listener that, “I’ve been there and also I’ve excellent it all. I did the drugs, i’ve been v men, i have been with women. Every one of it.”

Juanita Bynum Wedding

According come Ebony magazine’s report about the wedding, The “million-dollar” wedding of Dr. Juanita Bynum, evangelist and author that the best-selling problem of the Heart.

She was obtaining hitched come Bishop cutting board W. Weeks III, a wedding party that had 80, all friends and family, 1,000 guests, a 12-piece orchestra, and also a 7.76-carat diamond ring.

The bride claimed that the black-tie wedding cost “more than a million,” inclusive of flower flown in from approximately the world. “My dress,” she says, “took 9 months to make. All the crystals on the gown to be hand-sewn.

The headpiece was sterling silver, hand-designed. This was my once-in-a-lifetime event, and I did that this means because I setup to stay married.”

Juanita Bynum network Worth

Bynum has an approximated net worth of $10 million dollars together of 2019.

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Juanita Bynum Children

Information around her youngsters will it is in updated soon.

Juanita Bynum Books

Praying from The 3rd Dimension Workbook40 work to beginning Over No much more Sheets ChallengeNo an ext Sheets: beginning OverThe Threshing FloorMatters the The Heart: avoid trying to deal with the old – allow God provide you something newJuanita Bynum 3 books in OneThe Juanita Bynum subject BibleMatters of the love Devotions because that WomenMy spiritual Inheritance: go in your destinyWalking in her Destiny: just how to obtain Your spirituality Inheritance NowMatters the The Heart examine Guide: Companion research GuideDon’t get Off the Train: En route to Your magnificent DestinationNo much more Sheets: DevotionalMorning Glory: DevotionalThe Planted Seed: The Immutable legislations of Sowing and also ReapingExperiencing His Presence: The Threshing Floor devotionalMy spiritual Inheritance research Guide: Companion examine GuideHeart Matters: loving God the way He Loves YouThe Threshing FloorA Heart because that JesusMy spiritual Inheritance DevotionalMatters the The Heart: avoid trying to deal with the old – permit God offer you something brand-new by JuanitaWhen you Think you Don’t have a Prayer

Juanita Bynum Quotes

God doesn’t offer you every the details of your destiny! He just asks girlfriend to take the following step and trust Him!When a bomb detonates, that explodes because of what’s on the inside, not the outside… Take care of yourself!Don’t let the opponent steal one more moment of your joy and peace! take it it back!The fact that you know is what makes you free.Don’t try to figure everything out yourself. Remainder in The lord – He has you!What is masculine opinion end God’s decision for her life! If God claimed it, the settles it!The teacher has actually not taught till the pupil has actually learned. Your legacy outlives you.You learn from mentors or experience.Little human being can do big things. There is constantly room to do a difference!God is always attracted to world who don’t have actually enough.Deliverance is comes to you and your household! believe it and also receive it! over there is nothing too challenging for God.Beliefs to important transform outside conditions.Real-life does not come native the outside but from the inside. You must an initial change the internal.You don’t need to fight for what God has asserted is yours! He will fight for you!Crises administer motivation because that innovation. That is a speak to to change the means you do life. The most important an obstacle will it is in to readjust yourself and also to reinvent yourself in the process! walk ahead! make the change! your future self will thank you!Feedback is not a failure! Life has a method of course-correcting. Salary keen fist to the signs and also indicators the God is making use of to note you come shift, change or relocate on! His soul is your divine GPS! every the best for a year filled through success!

Juanita Bynum Songs

I nothing Mind WaitingYou room GreatBehind the VeilLike the DewJesus, What a WonderShake us AgainSoul CryPsalms 23Forever GratefulStillPeaceBreak forth PraiseOne Night through The KingAbove all ElseI need You come SurviveAny CrownI will certainly Wait because that YouIn The SilenceHoly heart Fill This RoomShow Me her FaceYou room You AreWe WaitI’m Gonna Move among YouWe worship YouHe’s a Wonder in my SoulOverflowGod Is HereTo Be kept By JesusMy Soul seeks to please HimMake Me CarefulYou’ll never ever ThirstOne step Away