In The Crucible, Reverend Hale"s duty is to investigate witchcraft in Salem and expose the devil"s agents. He is a zealous pundit who is influenced by the hysteria and blinded through his ideology. In spite of his great intentions, Reverend Hale is manipulated by Abigail and also contributes to the witch trials. Once he learns the truth, Hale regrets his involvement and also desperately attempts to redeem himself. His personality underscores the threats of thoughtlessly adhering to an ideology.

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Reverend Hale plays a prominent role in The Crucible and also is originally summoned through Reverend Parris to investigate witchcraft in Salem. Reverend Hale is portrayed as a zealous intellectual who genuinely to trust in witchcraft and is worried to provide his specialization by ridding the community of witches. Back Reverend Hale...

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Reverend Hale dram a prominent duty in The Crucible and also is originally summoned through Reverend Parris to investigate witchcraft in Salem. Reverend Hale is shown as a zealous intellectual who genuinely trust in witchcraft and is anxious to provide his expertise by ridding the neighborhood of witches. Although Reverend Hale has great intentions, the contributes come the witchcraft hysteria by initially believing Abigail"s accusations and supporting Salem"s corruption court. His passionate for learning witchcraft and also susceptibility to peer pressure considerably obscures his outlook ~ above the trials. The naively believes Abigail"s word and also takes circumstantial proof at challenge value, making him somewhat responsible for the catastrophe.

However, Reverend Hale"s willingness to individually question prominent members the the neighborhood illustrates his desire to uncover the truth. Uneven Parris, Danforth, or Putnam, Reverend Hale has actually no ulterior motive and also is a real character. When Reverend Hale learns Abigail"s motives and also recognizes she is a fraud, the denounces the court and also encourages innocent civilians to lie in wishes of saving their lives. Comparable to john Proctor, Reverend Hale has a guilty conscience and bears obligation for the witch trials. He establish his major mistake, desperately tries to guide Danforth to practice mercy, and attempts come redeem himself. The is a dynamic character that is contrite and also heartbroken for initially supporting Salem"s court.

Reverend Hale"s personality underscores the risks of thoughtlessly subscribing to an ideology. In the final act of the play, Reverend Hale highlights this template by telling Elizabeth,

Beware, Goody Proctor—cleave come no belief when confidence brings blood.

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As an enthusiasm Puritan, Reverend Hale feel obligated to rid Salem of witches and also genuinely believes God authorize of his actions. That neglects to practice rational believed in the middle of the witchcraft hysteria and completely supports the court because of their religious authority. Tragically, Reverend Hale is manipulated by Abigail Williams and the girls and also contributes to the deaths of several innocent civilians.