If there"s one thing Lady A (formerly Lady Antebellum) knows just how to do, it"s compose a an excellent love song. Native "Our sort of Love" come "We own the Night" to "Need girlfriend Now," Lady A has actually something for anyone — from the upper heart to the happily married.

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The Grammy-winning nation music trio is comprised of Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, and Dave Haywood. Formed in 2006, much has actually been made around the incentive for the band"s music and also how it relates to their personal lives. "We draw inspiration indigenous a lot of of different places," Kelley explained in a 2014 interview v All accessibility Music. "We"ve all remained in love and had relationships in the previous that didn"t work. Us just try to write what us know about and have actually lived through."

While the heartbreak the comes v casual dating could have motivated the members that Lady A in the past, these days, they have calmed under a bit. They"re all cleared up and married. As you can imagine, fans are simply as curious around their spouses together they as soon as were about the band"s date lives. The many fascinating marital relationship story entails Kelley and also his mam Cassie McConnell Kelley and also how he almost ended up through someone much closer come home. Here"s what us know.

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As of 2021, Charles Kelley is happily married to Cassie McConnell Kelley, a Nashville indigenous who is also passionate around country music. However, it was not always smooth cruising for the happily married couple. Lock met through Charles" brother, who knew Cassie v her administration work in the country music industry. Castle dated for a while prior to breaking up for a few months, ultimately getting earlier together and also deciding come tie the knot. The first couple of years of their marital relationship were marred through heartbreak together they struggled to conceive. Alls well the ends well, though, and also these days Cassie and also Charles room the proud parents of two small boys, every The Boot

It"s a pretty story, but it almost resolved very differently. In fact, Charles almost didn"t finish up through Cassie in ~ all. Let"s break it down:

A few years prior to Charles and Cassie met, Charles met his bandmates, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott. Haywood and Charles were at a bar in downtown Nashville once Scott approached Charles to tell him exactly how much she loved his music. "Some human being think the and I room an item, yet we"re not," Charles said OK! in 2008. "Initially, once I had actually her come over and write songs, ns did shot to gain a date out of it. The was my fault. But we never did."

Good thing, too, due to the fact that a few years later, Charles met Cassie, and the remainder is history.