Shadowhunters had actually a most ground to cover in that finale, and a most endings come take treatment of prior to officially closing things out, maybe for good. Part endings, choose Magnus and Alec"s marriage, were joyous occasions, while rather were more bittersweet. In particular, Clary ended up developing a rune to kill her brother Jonathan, which to be emotionally damaging enough, but there to be still a enlarge price she had actually to pay.

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Creating the rune to death Jonathan expected that Clary would lose her strength and, in turn, shed her memory of life amongst the Shadowhunters, and also the capability to view the friend she made. It was a significant sacrifice that Clary willingly take it on, but expectations to be flipped in the show"s last moments, once she actually saw Jace again, an interpretation the Angel"s punishment might not have been a complete success. So, why would ShadowhuntersI" collection finale finish her story the means it did? Showrunner Todd Slavkin explained:

The show is so much around sacrifice. It"s a template that has run since Season 1 the what the Shadowhunters do. Ns think what intrigued us with Clary was that she really was about sacrifice. She"s drawing these runes all the time, and we felt favor there"s got to it is in a sacrifice because that that. How you death Jonathan, and we knew we had to death him if this was the finale, he"s our big bad villain, and also we knew it would certainly be perfect if she had to carry out it. We knew just how emotionally disastrous that would be. So the reality that to conserve the people she sacrificed being a Shadowhunter was a an extremely Clary Fairchild-Fray thing to do. A great thing the audience can root for. Then we loved the idea that love beats the power of the Angel. The Clace, that love between those two? Like, fuck the Angels, excuse my language. No matter what they"ve done, felt for this reason romantic to finish the display on and so hopeful. We really wanted the last photo to it is in hopeful and not devastating.

While that wasn"t the happiest and most long-term route Shadowhunters could"ve gone, the decision remained in line through Clary"s character. Plus, the does have a deeper definition than what viewers may have initially assumed.

As Todd Slavkin told TVGuide, the Angel"s strength is strong, however not so much that it to be able to fully erase the powerful love that Clary and also Jace shared for one another. Through that pressure as a structure block, there"s hope yet that Clary could become a component of the Shadowhunters" human being once again. Slavkin wanted viewers to leaving the episode with much an ext optimism 보다 pessimism.

I think hope you finish and you"re wiping your eyes, however you"re like, "That"s cool! I could see this every coming back."

Co-showrunner Darren Swimmer added that Clary"s last arc included a bit much more tension come the finale, which preserved it from coming to be a "straight line towards the happy ending." Shadowhunters had actually to do something to keep devoted viewers on your toes if watching, so it doesn"t seem as though it to be a hard decision to shake points up and leave castle a little ambiguous for Clary.

That ambiguity could also serve as a way to bring the cancelled Shadowhunters back, noted a network is interested in law so. The network wouldn"t have a difficulty getting either of the showrunners involved, as both men stated that, lot like the cast, they"d love to return and also tell more stories.

Slavkin: We would certainly love to! We"d be there through bells on.Swimmer: Absolutely.

Right now, Shadowhunters doesn"t look together though it has actually a method to return, but that"s no to say it"ll stay that method forever. Streaming services have come to be a 2nd home to numerous cancelled shows, and some have even been restored for brand-new runs on areas like Netflix or Hulu.

Shadowhunters can go that route, although pan may have to start binging the on Hulu to get it on any kind of decision maker"s radar. will store an eye the end for updates, and also continue come report top top the latest and also greatest headlines in television, movies, and pop culture.

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